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Tina C

Chicken does egg dance?

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Cluck laid her first egg today :clap: (must update signature). It was quite an event - first of all I was called to the window by Chuckles, who was pacing the perimeter and clucking wildly as if Cluck had done her 'one flew over the netting' trick Went out to scold and retrieve her before she went for another visit to no 10 over the road and discovered she was in the eglu, on the nest. Chuckles soon gave up pining for her and went off into the bushes and eventually Cluck emerged victorious.


This is the really weird bit. Cluck started picking up anything she could find - twigs, leaves, bits of straw and started placing it on her back! :roll: Nothing stayed on her but it was really funny to watch her strutting around trying to cover herself up.


So, I am asking all you chicken experts out there - what does that mean?


I am a bit disappointed by Chuckles though - whenever she goes in to lay an egg Cluck guards the run until she comes out. Chuckles never even managed to work out where Cluck was!

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It is funny to watch. My first 3 girls don't put straw on their backs so much, but drag a piece out the nest and leave it outside - Beauty once brought a piece of straw up to the back door and left it on the mat (which I thought was really sweet!) Skye, one of the new girls, stands for ages picking stuff up and putting it on her back.

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