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Peter K

First Eggs!

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Could not resist sharing the news with you all that yesterday, just under 3 weeks since the arrival of my Eglu and 2 chickens from Omlet, I got home from work to find TWO eggs in the Eglu! I assume this must be one egg each?


Two minor problems. Firstly, neither egg was in the nest box, they were just on the nesting bars. I assume they will get the hang of using the nesting box eventually. I have been putting straw in there and this morning I have placed a shop-bought egg in there too to hopefully give them a hint!


Secondly, the eggs, although quite small and perfectly OK inside (lovely yellow/orange yolks), had extremely thin shells. They could barely contain the contents and were actually soft, sort of wax-papery, to touch if that makes sense.


I assume that this is fairly usual for a first egg and I should not be too concered. The chickens appear to be in perfect health and are eating well (mostly layers pellets, but with a few treats to - raisins, grapes, sweetcorn, some greenery etc).


Finally, to anyone reading this who has not taken the plunge yet and ordered an eglu (I spent a while reading this forum before deciding), then all I can say is 'Go for It!'. My seven year old daughter and I have had so much fun already interacting with the chickens. They are very friendly and follow us round the garden and are happy to be stroked and handled. They are great pets. We love them!



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Many congratulations on your first eggs!!! 8)8)8)


Your chickens will get the hang of the nesting box soon - my girls took about a week & they have been in a battery farm for months so if they can do it im sure yours will get the gist of it too :D


I think i read on here about first egg shells being quite thin but im sure they will harden up as the girls get into full swing. Im currently giving mine Poultry Spice and i bake their shells whizz them up in the food mixer and feed them back to the girls - i think this helps their shells too. :D:D


Really pleased for you and your daughter that you are so happy with your chickens & eggs! :D:D:D


Love your user name too - just need a 'Garlic Bread' avatar! :wink::lol:

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Hi Peter


Congrats and well done to those chooks.


As Emma said, I'm sure they'll get the hang of the nest box soon. The egg's a good idea, I used a golf ball until mine started laying. I also use baked crushed eggshells but if the thin shells persist you could also try crushed oyster shells or shellstim (I think its called). Probably as you say its just because they have just started laying and will settle down.


Where in Guildford are you? I'm in Burpham.


Here's to loads more eggs.



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Congratulations they were quick!


I must share that we too had our first egg yesterday 46g perfectly formed very hard shell and she even returned to the eglu nestbox and laid it there although they are out all day freeranging. We were very impressed we've had ours for exactly 4 weeks. We think its Lily who's laid hopefully if we get another on Saturday I can watch who disappears during the day! :D


Its so fabulous when they start laying, ours have become such friendly pets and spend as much time in the house as they can manage to get away with. Thankfully they no longer enter via the cat flap as Arwen swiped them the other week with her paw as they were coming through and this has put them off using it.



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Congratulations on the eggs. Its always exciting to hear!


We love finding eggs.

And I agree...people who dont have chickens under-estimate how brilliant and funny they are...great pets and ideal for children. We love our chickens.


Keep us posted with their adventures :lol:


well done those chickens :dance::dance:

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Congratulations onthe eggs. Mine came with an egg and then Daisy soon caught up. Are they meant to stop laying in the winter because mine seem to be slowing down? :o

We've never had a problem with softshells after we stopped feeding so many raisons and grapes. It seems to have worked.




Cilla GNR and Daisy (white chicken)(green eglu)

Smudge the rabbit (creamrabbit)

Ken and Bertie(budgies)

AND Norris(tortoise)

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My name IS Peter K (Peter Kirk actually). :evil:

And I am a Northerner born and bred :evil:

But I really did see the funny side of this exchange. :lol::lol::lol:

Must go - kettle's boiled - only two more an the tin bath'll be full!


Peter K


Hey another Northerner!!! :clap::dance:


Keep yer flat cap on in't bath so yer 'ed dont get cold! BTW where d'you keep yer Whippet? :lol::lol::lol:

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