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Nicola H

Great day out

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Emily and I finally went on our Falconry course, this was first prize in the egg painting comp at our local garden centre, Emily's egg little chick won first prize it also won a prize in the Omlet egg painting comp.


Emily and I had a great time looking at all the different birds of prey and then we got to fly a small owl and a hooded vulture. The worst thing was we had to use baby chicks as bait, not a nice sight seeing a vulture ripping a chick apart. Emily was really good at flying the birds she didn't flinch when they landed on her arm she is so used to holding a flapping chicken... :lol:


An interesting fact that we learnt is that the fastest bird in a swoop is a Peregrine Falcon it can swoop at about 250 mph, but the fastest bird to fly in a straight line is a duck which can fly at about 90 mph were as the falcon can only reach speeds of about 60 - 70 mph when flying in a straight line................. :D


Here is picture from our day out......The owl that Emily is holding can catch and devour a fox but unfortunately it also eats chickens...... :lol:







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