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Lonely Chicken!

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Even though i have 4 chickens i think one of them is very lonely :( this is worrying me a lot. :(:(:(


As you know we rescued them on the 4th and all has been ok, bar for a sore leg and a bit of argy bargy getting the pecking order sorted out :roll:


Spog is now top chicken followed by Mojo & Flump & Spangle is at the bottom. Spog picks on Spangle quite often but Spangle usually runs off.


Spangle eats well but always seems to be on her own, she wont go to feed with the other 3, she doesnt socialise very much and im feeling very sorry for her.

She does seem alright in herself but we dont think she has laid for at least 10 days - im not worried about the lack of eggs but wondered if this is because she is feeling fed up :?


Please help as im not really sure what to do :(


Do you have 1 chicken that is always left out? :?

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Yep! My Izzy is always the one to hang back and wait for the other 2 to get the goodies first. I always over compensate for this by making sure she gets treats when the other 2 aren't looking. :wink:


A good way to really check to see if she is a total outcast is to see how they all snuggle up at night in the Eglu: I am sure she will be close to another somehow! :D

I wouldn't worry about it Em, I don't think you'll be able to do any social engineering here! :lol::lol:

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That's what we do with our Izzy who is very much at the bottom of the pecking order and is usually left out of things by the other two. Give her a few treats while the other are otherwise occupied, Emma :wink: . She's usually snuggled up against Clarry at night so I'm sure Spangle is the same in your Eglu too.

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I have the same thing with poor Bunty I feel so sorry for her she always seems to be left out, she has learnt that if she lets the others go to bed first and sits at the back door I will give her the treats she missed out on earlier in the day.............It makes me feel better and i am sure Bunty likes the special treatment she gets just before bed.


Out of interest I opened the egg port tonight just to see who slept with who Babs who is the main bully was in the nest with Bunty right behind her then Ginger squashed up beside Bunty so all seems fine when they go to bed it is just during the day.


I do know how you feel Emma it is hard to watch but I am sure she will be fine, I suppose somebody always has to be bottom chook............. :lol:

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I think Starlet gets left out sometimes too. She never gets her feed first in the morning out of the grub and has to wait for the other two to finish. And she wanders around in the garden alone too. Otherwise I think she's alright and she always manages to jump out of the run alright to explore the compost heap and annoy the others!!!


Nothing to worry about.

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