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Planet Earth

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Any of you watching planet earth? Its been absolutely brilliant, I sit in amazement every week, Its also had heartbreaking moments, when the polar bear died :cry: Its at times like this when I"m glad I live in an age of television, who would have thought that such beautiful scenes could be shown in our own homes :) Its got my vote for best TV of the year!

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It's wonderful, isn't it. Trouble is, David Attenborough, interesting as he is, has one of those voices which lulls me to sleep! I struggle to stay awake as I'm loving the programme but inevitably nod off before the end! The polar bear was heartbreaking, poor thing, as were the baby penguins lost in the blizzard but other parts are just so breathtaking that I look forward to the next part each week. The boys are loving it too!

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Brilliant programme!


I particularly like the bit at the end where they go through the problems of filming the fantastic scenes, like last night all the days taken to get one shot of the great white shark getting his seal prey. The acknowledgement of the team -tinged with respect for the shark and at the same time sadness for the seal going about his/her business of getting a meal. And all the time having not intervene with nature. Same with all of the programmes with other animals in the series.


Brings a great insight into nature to our living rooms.



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