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Pink Drinks

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You have to try Mount Gay Eclipse Refined Barbados rum Gina it is the business but in the UK it can be pricey Julie got me a huge bottle for less than a tenner :lol:


I will have some tonight as I have no self control but only a little it is a school night 8)

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Hubby worked in the Caribbean for 3 years, so I spent many happy summer holidays in Barbados: I did the "Mount Gay rum tour" 3 times, but could only ever remember the first 20 minutes of each time!! You have to have a deep sea diver cocktail with your rum: Its the BEST Bajan cocktail.....


4 oz Rum

3/4 oz Triple Sec

1/2 tsp caster Sugar

1/4 oz Lime Syrup

1 oz Lime Juice

Mixing Instruction

Shake well over crushed ice in a shaker, and strain into a large highball glass over crushed ice. Add cherry!!

Yee ha!

Sorry its not pink....


alternatively, make a bread pudding and pour some over it before eating...delicious!

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Yum Yum, all these food / drink suggestions are making me quite hungry (not as hungry as the thought of a chocolate fountain - VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY envious of that one :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Make sure you tell us when your party is so that we can have a virtual party - I will be stationed by the computer with my pink gin in hand!!! :D

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The Honda Jazz comes in a lovely shade of pale pink. I was quite tempted when I bought a car last year, but thought it was a bit too girly to buy a car based on it's colour. What hubby didn't realise was that I was more tempted by the fact that he'd be unlikely to want to drive a pretty pink car :roll: . Went for a silver, slightly more sensible number. But that pink limo is something else. I bet you'll see heads swivelling as you drive past in that. White ones are almost commonplace now, but pink :shock:

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:shock::lol: Will you lot BEHAVE :!::roll: .


Right ... just had a thought, Imogen.


ICE CREAM SODA's ...... Strawberry ice-cream in a tall glass, with some fresh strawbs and top up with lemonade, watch out though as it froths up, so much undignified slurping required (the best bit in my book).


Another idea would be Raspberry ripple ice-cream, with fresh rasps, and top up with cherryade ... both PINK, non-alcoholic (unless using a dash of some fruit based liquer) and very yummy in my book .. which may count for nothing. :roll::wink:8)

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Very sorry miss

Will try not to misbehave again (yeah, right that's going to happen!) :wink:

Imogen, dont forget to tell us when you are having your party so we can join in virtually - much better than having to invite all us strange people with obsessions about alcahol, chocolate and big pants.............. :shock::wink:

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How did big pants sneak into this? :shock: Pink ones I hope? Poor Imogen is only going to be 16, I thought she was planning pink limo, pink food & drink, denim skirt & pink stilletoes (see, I do read the postings :) ) I don't think we need to dictate big pants too :shock:

Only joking, but Imogen'll be wondering what on earth she's started.

I'm game on for a simultaneous virtual party- I'll even raise a pink drink to toast her (rose wine, anyone?), especially if Murdo can be coaxed into providing virtual pizzas- too much work making my virtual canapes last time :roll:

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Wow! What a lot of posts!! Sorry for not replying, been at a spa for a few days hehehe :D Had a lovely manicure - pink nails now, naturally.

Honestly, with all these gorgeous drink suggestions, me and my friends won't have time to finish them by the time the limo arrives!!

On the subject of songs, I think I'm getting that under control!! I'll make up some compilation CD's, with classic hits, such as Ladies Night and Girls Just Want To Have Fun, as well as the old Red Hot Chili Pepper hits!! And Green Day....and some rave stuff because that's the BEST to listen to in limos....well, there'll be a wide range of music anyway!!

Who ever mentioned big pants? That was rather spontaneous. Some of my lesser girly friends said they would only go as far as wearing pink underwear for my party, but I assured them that pink clothing MUST be visable!!

I don't know what ever happened to keeping this post non-alcoholic, but never mind!! It took me a while to find a pink drink that wasn't alcoholic after pink vodka, pink rum and pink champagne...however, you've given me lots of good ideas, and I think I should definately do a milkshake of some kind and a non-alcoholic cocktail because some of my friends don't like champagne. And I'll try and get those pink glasses from Sainsbury's, so if anyone's boring and doesn't want a pink drink, they can at least have it out of a pink glass!!

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Were you really at a spa Imogen. I am SO jealous - you are 16, go to spas and are having a chocolate fountain for your birthday. sigh... :cry::cry::cry:

I saw a BRIGHT PINK cadillac when I was out and about today and thought of you! 8) There is also a feature in our local paper (there's not much happening in deepest darkest dorset) about chocolate fountains and there is a local supplier - whoo hooo!!! :D:D:D:D

Sorry we kept on getting sidetracked. Its what happens when you get old, drink too much and wear big pants (and then they are probably only pink because you put them in the wrong wash............... :roll: )

Have a FABULOUS party - I will raise a glass to you!!!!! :D

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as well as the old Red Hot Chili Pepper hits!!!


Ooohhh, Imogen, I used to be a massive RHCP fan when I was about 19 - (that was about 14 years ago :lol: ) I was at Art College at the time, and the Chillies in those days were a bit 'funky punky' (Albums - Mothers Milk, Uplift Mofo Party Plan, Freaky Styley (my fave) etc etc)


At the time they were only very small in the UK, and I saw them a few times in some clubs in Birmingham, and you could quite literally reach out and shake hands with them, the venues were so small and intimate :)


I would glady have done you a compliation, but they are all on vinyl - (records).... :(


I'm going to get them out today and have a blast from the past. :wink: I might also invest in some of their later stuff, as the last album I bought was Blood Suger Sex Magic, (about 1990 I think). What do you recommend?

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OMG!!! Gina you are SO lucky!! I saw them in Hyde Park and it was AMAZING! I totally loved it and can't wait to see them again - but to be that close to them, I might just faint! By The Way is a good album, but of course the Live in Hyde Park is a good album because it reminds me of the great time I had there, and you get all their hits on it!!

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