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Pink Drinks

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:lol::lol::lol: OMG!!! I had my party last night :D All my mates arrived and suddenly....THE HUGE PINK JEEP ARRIVED!! I hadn't asked for that one because it was HUGE (a 20 seater :shock: ) and would cost more but it turns out the smaller one was in for service so they sent the huge one instead at no extra cost!!! We had a lovely chaffeur who was so friendly and helped us set up the music, and the limo had smoke machines, laser shows, plasma plates, EVERYTHING!! It was huge! My friends couldn't believe it!! We were running around in it screaming because it was so pink! I had to jump to get out of it lol!!! My voice is ruined because I was hanging out of the window screaming and the music was so loud, we set off lots of car alarms :oops: Anyway, it was amazing - best night of my life and my friends said it was the best party they had ever been to!! We drove all the way around Watford, Croxley and right up to Wembley so some of you might have seen us - we were hard to miss!!
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Woow :D how cool is that! glad u had fun & a good way to celebrate results also. I got my grades too and was pleasantly suprised haha! I'm takin English lang & lit, Geography, Biology & Pyscology (i cant spell it tho :? !) should be fun :roll: start a week on wednesday.

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Oh the joys of exams and starting new subjects - so glad that's over for me (and yes, I do remember them, I'm not THAT old before anyone gets cheeky!!) :wink:

Hope that all of you who have taken exams at whatever level got the results that you needed and are going on to do what ever you want to. If you didnt get the results, dont worry, you never know what's around the corner, and for someone who didnt get the A level results that I needed first time around, then re-took them and got better results, I know that is true!!

Enjoy what's left of your summer hols :D:D:D

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