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Christian, don't tell anyone, because it will ruin my reputation of having good taste in music, but I LOVE Take That! I hated them at the time, and have a really good story to tell about meeting them on my way home from work, but another time..... now when I hear their songs it brings back so many memories of that era, I love it!


Robbie was always my favourite, and I do think he is gorgeous. He nearly came to live near us! Last Summer he was in the process of buying a house (Mansion) in the next village, but I think all of us wellie wearing, straw chewing yokels might have frightened him off..... :lol::lol:

Shame. It would have been very pleasant on the eye to see him occasionally shopping in the local Co-op! :lol::lol:


Hope Scotland is good. Wherabouts are you going? Anywhere near fellow Scottish Omleteers?

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I love Take That. :wink: Mikey fell asleep and I was dancing round the room. :oops::oops: I made the mistake of saying it was 'sad' earlier this year and regret it......oh so much. :oops::oops:


I've put seeing them again next time round on the top of my gig list :P ( I don't usually like gigs much) Omlet Gig gathering maybe :D


Seen them 3 times and I was so impressed by it last night...they rock :P:P:P:D let us know if they plan a tour. Will download album tomorrow :D



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