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Who are they??

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Every year for at least 15 years we have received a christmas card from "Douggie and Janice".


Who the hell are they??


They clearly know us as in addition to our names and address, they list our children's names.


Have asked family (both sides) thinking they might be obscure cousins or somesuch...but no result there.


Neither of us has a colleague called either Douggie or Janice


We have never met anyone of those names on holiday.


None of our children have friends whose parents have those names.


All avenues have been explored...to no avail.


As Douggie and Janice have never received a card in return from us, you'd think they'd give up.


Their card to us arrived yesterday.


Completely stumped.


I shall be disappointed the year their card doesn't come.

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That must be so frustrating! Hope you find out who they are - although chances sound pretty remote after 15 years! :shock:


For quite a few years we received one with the post mark from South Lakes (where we used to live) but with no name! So never knew who it was from. Haven't had one for a few years, they've either given up or died :?

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You never know, it could be someone you know doing it to wind you up :lol::lol::lol: ! Absolutely brilliant story! That's made me giggle no end. I wonder how many people I send cards to think who on earth I am! I send to people I knew before I was married and who wouldn't know me if I bumped into them in the street but don't want to be the one to stop sending them a card :roll: !

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:lol: What a mystery! Not from ante natal classes or something, where perhaps you only knew them for a short time?

I looked through an old diary once and for ages couldn't recall a name that I'd used several times, then remembered it was a toddler from down the road when I had 2 toddlers. I love old diaries for that reason, they record people that the memory may not remember on its own.

We had a shock when picking up post the Christmas after MIL died. There was a card from "Sis".

Mum was an only child, so just for a minute we wondered if she had a sister she'd never mentioned!

Then decided it was a nickname like Cissy. But Mum kept full address books & we'd contacted everyone in them, and there was no one called anything like Sis anyway. So, she can't have been on Mum's list. Very odd.

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Sheila suggests contacts from ante natal classes......don't think so especially as they don't add their children's names. Have ruled out toddler groups etc for same reason.....In any case ...I'm sure I'd remember?!?!


Claret suggests the previous occupants of our house...but it was a derelict wreck (no change there...scaffolding still up!) having been owned by an old couple who died six months before the house was sold. Their daughter, who was about 70 was called Margaret.


It isn't previous neighbours.


The post code is Sheffield so it isn't former neighbours.


Absolutely foxed.

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Sheila says:

OK...professional such as dentsts, architect, um, what about scaffolders or builders, perhaps some one you know as Mr.... or Dr...




Architect...never used one















Garden chap.....(Bi annual blitz)....Tristan (!).


Not a Douggie (or Janice) among them!!


So frustrating.


Perhaps it is a wind up.

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:lol: Mel, wouldn't that have been amazing if you had won the lottery on a gift intended for someone else! Shame it didn't happen.

So, Egluntine, an interesting topic, but I'm running out of ideas now. Perhaps that's just as well before I drive you nuts with any more suggestions! :lol:

Do tell us if you ever find out, its so peculiar!

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I think I heard a comedian say he does this every year - just for fun.. he sends cards to people he knows but signs them from unheard of people - and keeps it up year after year - with enticing/intriguing bits of family news to keep the thing going...


It was quite a well-known comedian, but I've forgotten who it was now..


so - do you know any famous comedians? (or any amusing pranksters?)


I might start doing this now - but who to pick on??? :wink:


Phil 8)

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I might start doing this now - but who to pick on??? :wink:

:lol: I was having the precise same thought! :dance: It'd have to be someone you knew well enough for them to mention their bewilderment to you. And someone you'd see around Christmas time. And you might have to wait a few years to get the full effect (which means you'd have to remember to keep sending them!) :lol:




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But, it's still a bit odd if it is a wind up. Any ideas who would enjoy a prank like that?

I had a mystery card addressed to me once, a Valentine's card;


"My name is Jim & I don't suppose you've noticed me, but I see you every day at the bus stop,",,, etc etc, very complimentary and wishing to ask me on a date, so would be plucking up the courage to ask me the next morning....

I was floating on air all day, so flattered and dreaming about which handsome boy it could be. Fancy noticing shy, little me! I showed all my schoolfriends, who joined in the enthusiasm, it was so romantic, I even liked the name Jim, what a good sign...

Of course, I had considered a wind up, we were all about 15, but the handwriting was def. not my any of my friends, it didn't look disguised.

Well, at the end of the day, a good ( :twisted: ) friend admitted that she got her Mum to write it! I was heartbroken!

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