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Peter K

Auboise supplier near Guildford

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I am thinking of trying Auboise/Hemcore in the run having heard so many good things about it on this forum. I currently use bark chippings, but the recent heavy rain, coupled with the fact that I added lots of autumn leaves (chickens LOVED them until they got soggy), means that I really need a complete clean out this weekend (weather permitting).


Can anyone recommend a supplier near to Guildford? I have never seen the stuff - I assume it comes in a bale which will fit in an average sized hatchback with the seats down (eg Nissan Almera?).

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I'm using hemcore at the moment which I get from Frosbury Farm Feeds in Gravetts Lane, Worpleston. I think it's £7 a bale but is compacted so a lot there. They also do the Allen & Page pellets at £5.50 a sack which I think is a pretty good price for these (correct me if I'm wrong anybody!) You could also try CP Backhurst, Strawberry Farm, Normandy. They do horse bedding and also a range of poultry products. I've not tried to get Hemcore from here but if cheaper here let me know! Another possibility is Scats in Godalming but again not seen what they stock. So may be worth ringing around.



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I get my bales of hemcore from Whipley Manor Farm on the A281 between Bramley and Cranleigh. Ph 01483 272816. They are marginally cheaper than Scats in Godalming who also sell hemcore. Whipley Manor also sells the Smallholder range of orgnic pellets and mash which my girls love.

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