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we have just been reading the forum about aubiose, and have a few questions about it. at the moment we have been using chippings in the run and surrounding area where the girls are allowed to free range. we do not change the chippings just add to them and are about to add lime to keep the smell down. we were thinking of adding a bale or two of aubiose to this to help absorb some of the recent rain. what we would like to know is ,from anyone who uses aubiose do you need to change it or can we leave it down with the chippings and add to it?They are a bit soggy at the moment so we would like to improve their living conditions! :?


Mim and Jason

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auboise and hemcore are lifesavers - literally.


Our eglu run is surrounded by bark chippings (for us to walk on) but we dont have bark in the run - we have hemcore/auboise. Friday is eglu cleaning day here and I hose down the eglu and take off the top layer of the hemcore/auboise in the run and replace with fresh. About every 4 weeks the whole run is completely emptied and replaced with fresh hemcore/auboise.


I have no smells...the poo seems to disappear and the run looks lovely and dry and my chicks are happy.


I cant praise it enough :)

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Martin I'd already got bark chippings down before I got the aubiose, so I regularly throw in a bucketful and spread it about. The chooks scratch it into the bark, but it seems to stay nice and clean and dry and I rarely see evidence of any poo! Worth a try I'd say! :D

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