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How can they do this?

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We've just bought a new telly, and find on getting it home that you can only properly switch it off by pulling out the plug! With all the publicity about the energy consumption of TVs on standby, you'd have thought they'd have managed to put proper, easily reached on/off switches on machines. :wall:


What makes it worse is that I heard a woman in the shop (John Lewis) complaining about this to a salesman. She said she was bringing back the one she'd recently brought for this very reason. So, when we got a salesman, I specifically asked if you could switch it off without pulling out the plug. He told me you could. Not so according to the instruction booklet. :evil: :evil:


Now can I really stand all the bother of taking it back again, and searching for another one that does its job properly?? :evil: :evil: :evil:


And I've already put the old one on freecycle!!! :roll:

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They make TV's without a proper on-off switch nowadays??!


Aren;t we all meant to be doing our bit, not wasting energy, not leaving things on stand-by etc.





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I will look for this as we need to go and buy a new TV soon. :D


If its not got a switch to turn it off it will stay in the shop!


Thanks for raising this really important issue, sometimes you over look the most basic things like and on/off switch when you are looking at HD Plasma all singing & dancing TVs! :roll:

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Wow, that seems incredible to me. Are we considered to be a nation too lazy to reach for the on/off switch now :shock: .

Besides everything else isn't it safer to actually switch off the TV? I know that even now I invariably pull the plug on electrical items at night, and especially if we're away, because of the risk of electrical fires. That was drummed into me by my Dad when I was little, but maybe it's just old-fashioned advice, redundant now in these days of safer electrics :?

Personally I'd be inclined to take it back, and complain to the manufacturer..... but that's just me, and of course it is a hassle to take it back.

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We have been looking for a little wall mounted TV for our bedroom, & will now make sure we look out for the on/off button when making our choice 8)


Do take it back - if you got it from John Lewis they are very,very good at customer service & will get another out to you quickly :D


Make sure you phone the branch & speak to the department manager.

Let us know how you get on,won't you!

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As it was sold under false pretences, I reckon that they should collect it and send a replacement on their vans to save you the journey.


We almost never watch telly (as you know), the TV, video and DVD machines are always turned off at the plug as well as the set, as just powering the clock on the video or having something on standby uses up power. The clock resets itself immediately when you power-up.

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Not only should they, but they are obliged to do this for you.


In fact any item bought which has proven to be faulty ,we as customers can insist is collected & replaced free of charge by the shop that sold it to us.


I know this is not faulty, but it is not suitable for the intended use - that is, you intend to switch it off at night & made this clear to the sales man.


John Lewis are generally great.

I have waited in this morning for them to replace my 2 huge leather sofas, as some of the springs have gone.

They are 3 years old & no longer under guarantee, but they offered to swap them for a brand new pair right away, & I only had to wait 3 days for them to come out too :P

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Glad you agree with me! Thing is that the TV's really good apart from this. We wanted a small but good one: its just for the kitchen diner, but everyone seems to go for huge screens now!


I know John Lewis are good - thats why we went there - but they only had 3 TVs that fitted the bill. One of them was the one the other customer was complaining about, and we got the best of the remaining 2. Its possible that all 3 have the same 'feature'! So it means either a worse picture, or finding another shop - and its all so much time and hassle!!!


I think we might get one of those extension socket things with switches on, and then put that up on the unit beside the TV so its accessible. Very ugly though! :evil:

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