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anyone know anything about consumer rights??

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i think i may be have a bit of a fight on our hands.


we bought a new tv back in september 2006, its been for repair twice already. when it came back the second time the problem that it had been returned for is still there. the compant which has been doing the repair on behalf of samsung have said that it is working to "specifications" but the picture is awful, it so really really bad. they say thaey can not improve the picture.


the company we bought it from have said they will exchange it for us or we can have a completly different tv, but only if samsung give us a credit number.


samsung are contacting the repair people who they authorised to take our tv away.


if it cant be made to be any better, but is working to specifications, where do i stand??


for you technical people its a normal crt telly, not a plasma or lcd.


its really starting to get on my nerves now as out of 3 months it has been away for more than 2 weeks. and i think i might be getting fobbed off and stuffed at the same time.

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bit strange? how can they not make the picture better ? :?


I dont know about consumer rights im afraid - but something not right here.


Our laptop is samsung - it went wrong not long after we purchased it and we had to send it to somewhere in Ireland(at no cost to us) and it was fixed no problem.


With a high profile company like that I wouldnt have thought they would want to be known to have excellent customer service.


maybe time to get tough and speak to someone who can help you/not palm you off/some one in authority?

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Someone explained this to me once.


Under the sale of goods act, when you buy something your contract is with the shop who sells it to you - not the manufacturer. A product has to be 'good for it's purpose', if you've got a telly with a bad picture then it is not good for it's purpose.


You are entitled to 'regect' a faulty product upto a year after purchase. Even though you have agreed to two repairs it does not mean you have 'accepted' the tv and you can still regect it.


You can go back to the shop who sold it to you and demand a new replacement from them.


As I said, someone elso told me this - I hope I'm right but I'm sure someone else will be along to correct me if I'm not. Hope this helps.



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All I can add is that an item must be fit for the purpose for which it was bought.

If its a TV & you cannot watch it,it is obviously not fit for its intended use.


Your gripe is with the company you bought it from, not Samsung.

They sold it to you, so they are liable to deal with your complaint.

Phone up their customer services & tell them that you want a refund.

Tell them also that if the refund is not forthcoming in 14 days you will be taking them to the small claims court to get a refund & to also claim compensastion for your time & trouble.

Expalain that you feel that you were sold the TV under false pretences - that it, you were told that you would be able to get a good picture, but you cannot.

Personally, I would not allow them to send it for another "repair" - enough is enough!


They also have to collect the TV at their own expense,but try to make sure the refund is agreed on not only verbally but in writing before they come to take it away.


I have done a consumer rights course,as I worked on the customer services desk for several years at Childrens World.

I may be a bit out of date, as it was 15 years ago, but this is what I would do next anyhow.

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previous posts are spot on!


Under the sale of goods act the items should be as described and fit for the purpose of which they were intended.


You have every right to an immediate replacement or refund of the faulty goods as the goods in question certainly isn't of acceptable quality


Watchdog unfortunately don't bother with complaints like this - they need a few hundred before they'll investigate anything, but seek further advice from your local trading standards board if the store refuses to help any further.




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i finally got hold of a manager at empire, told them that it really was not good enough that my brand new telly had been away twice for repair and the the fault was still there, when he said "OK we will swap for you and you dont need to have the same model" took the wind right out my sails!!!! so we have now just got to pick a different telly.


phew. fingers still crossed that nothing else crops up.

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Now to be a party poop!


If everything goes well and the new tv is sorted out ok then don't forget the one thing that makes a difference.....Thank them for dealing with it.


If this managers offer felt very genuine and he didn't need a push to give the offer then write and thank them for getting it right and treating customers how we like to be treated - we always do it when they get it wrong!


It will also make a difference to that persons day, knowing that they really did help a customer!






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funny you should say that, cos i did thank him earlier on today when i rang him back.


to steal your phrase, not wanting to be a party pooper, but i dont think he really was that bothered that i thanked him.


all in a days work. but i can rest easy, although i was not impressed with the goings on i was not a complete ar*e with any of them.


thanks everyone for the support.



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