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monkey is back!

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They are actually remaking the "real" Monkey... you know, princess and 7 week long fights where they all stand perfectly still on a cloud :lol: ..... and the blowing of hands fluttering in front of your mouth..... utter brilliance!



oh, and if I ever used to want to upset my older brother beyond belief.. all I had to do was look at him, squint my eyes, and in a very bad Chinese accent say, "Ahhhhhhh....... Pigsy......" :lol::lol:

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Love the new Monkey adverts - hate the fact that OH feels the need to resurrect his "oi monkey" Jonny Vegas impressions....... :roll:


.....I went to Montserrat in Spain a few years ago and took a photo of a rock formation that looked incredibly like (in my opinion :wink: ) the monkey from the advert......wonder where I put the photo.... :?:D

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