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The Dogmother

Eggs again at last!

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Well, an egg actually.


After a break of about 3 months due to moulting and poor light one of my beauties has laid an egg! I haven't even seen it yet - Phil went down to my place to shut them in the run and phones to say that there was an egg in the nest.


I was only commenting at lunchtime that their combs looked redder :D Here's to all eight of them laying.......

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:clap: Funny isn't it?. We all get soooo eggcited about 1st eggs then take it a bit fro granted, then the chooks go off-lay :shock: . THEN - we have the eggcitement all over again. :lol: .


Ginger started laying again 1st, then sadly died ... now Mrs Snowy and Ebony are laying almost every day, and I still love seeing if there is an !egg! or not in the nest-box. :wink: .


Great that they have started again ...... my 3 all looked very ill when they were moulting, and its fab to have fit looking hens again.




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I never stop getting excited about collecting eggs, especially the first ones. Like the first one on coming into lay, the first one after the winter break, the first one after moulting, the first one after being broody. I love it .... just like finding potatoes and carrots in the veg garden. Miracles!!

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