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Eggs!!! Eggs!!!

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Guess whats happened???


One of our new speckledys has laid her first egg today!!!!


When I checked the nest this morning, there laying along side a Tikka egg was one of the tiniest, most perfectly formed eggs you've ever seen. Only we dont know yet whos laid it, whether it was Korma or Keema. We are really suprised that either of them has laid, as they are only 19 weeks old and the weather has been sooooo cold, we thought it would be a while yet, before we saw any eggs from either of them. Its so egg - citing. Even though it not our first time, it is for them and its just great.


At the moment of our other two remaining original hens, only Tikka is laying every other day, and Bhuna has packed up for the winter. So the thought of the two new hens coming in to lay, so soon, is fantastic!!! I wont need to have the family on egg rations, for much longer, hopefully!!!



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Guess what was there this morning, yet another mini sized egg and a normal size egg. That means that Bhuna has come back into lay, she must have seen what the youngsters were doing and thought she might just as well join in! Considering the snow we've had and how cold it is, you'd have really thought they might have hung on for a few weeks longer, and waited for it to warm up abit!!


We've not eaten either of the two new eggs yet, they are in the egg box in the fridge with the laying date on each of them. But then again, thats what we do everyday with any eggs we get from the hens. We pencil the lay date on the egg and its placed in the correct order in the boxes in the fridge, just so we dont eat them out of date order!!! Oh and we also know exactly how many eggs we have had in total from all of the hens put together, todays eggs makes......... 1086 eggs!!!


(orange eglu)

GNR Tikka

PP Bhuna

PP Bhundi (R.I.P)

(Bluebelle) Korma !egg! 7th Feb Not sure if it was Korma or Keema

(Bluebelle) Keema !egg! 8th Feb Not sure if it was Keema or Korma

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