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Yep......normal porridge.


I make it with water, not milk though.


I add Poultry Spice, Dried Mealworms, a few sultanas, and some sweetcorn or as an occasional treat, Hulled Sunflower Hearts. I might also whack in some probiotic yoghurt too.




My pal gives her hens Weetabix...she says they wolf it down!!

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Took my silly chooks some leftover porridge this morning to warm them up - they got so excited by the bowl that, as I reached forward to put it in the run, they jumped up onto it and spilt it all over the floor. Then proceeded to slurp it up without so much as a thank you! Complete ladettes, the lot of 'em! :roll::D

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I buy the supermarkets own brand of cheap porridge, its now known as the Chickens porridge indoors, but only cost about 38pence i think i paid last for it, though could be wrong, but it lasts for ages, and i use half milk half water.. then i add some poultry spice to it, to give it a bit of a smell and flavour. and they love it. x

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I thought mine hated porridge but it turns out i was making it wrong - no shock there then! :roll:


I now make it very sloppy and add blueberries and strawberries & little bits of melon too - it goes down a real treat! :D:D:D


May have to try this as mine don't seem to like it either.

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