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Chicken stopped laying

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Pom started laying on 20th January and has consistently laid a large (av. 65g) egg every other day. But now she hasn't laid for 5 days. She is quite happy and acting normally. The other girls are laying as consistently as ever (other than a slight reduction in size since the snow). Is this normal?



Anxious Chicken Mum :roll:

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Hi Snowy


2 of my girls are intermitent layers, quite often at this time of year going 4-5 days between laying when the previous week they were laying fine - everyother day or leaving a gap of 2 days. Sure they do it just to cause me undue stress and worry :anxious::anxious:


I always check the eglu for any signs of a broken egg or thin shell egg (also find them in the litter tray) just in case this is the reason why there aren't any eggs.I sometimes put them on a course of shellstim - helps them produce thicker better quality shells :D


They do cause us Chookie Mums a lot of worry.........but they're worth it :D

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Don't worry Snowy!


Shirley didn't lay for 3 weeks, but now shes up and runnung again! Must be the mild winter. We had 5 days of 3 eggs a day last week. Never had that before! Laverne (nick named the machine, cos she layed for 5 months without stopping) had a few days off when it was really cold.

I'm sure you are a fab chicken mummy! :D

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Thanks guys!

They're all so different though aren't they! Florrie lays for 4 - 5 days then has a day off, Bella lays for 5 - 6 days then a day off, Pom has been 1 - 2 then a day off (but much bigger eggs). Because they've all just come into lay for the first time, I wasn't expecting a break in production just yet. But as you've said, it could certainly be the weather as she last layed the first day of the snow. Oh well, I'll just have to be patient. After all, it's not as if I've had to start buying any again!!!! 8)

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