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Im no chef so....

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...small, hot, pan - just a smear of oil from a piece of kitchen paper.....

........... and don't try to turn them too soon, the edges will crinkle up when one side is cooked and you can use a spatula to turn them.


Not as much fun as sticking them to the kitchen ceiling - but it does mean you can eat them :lol:

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1/2 pint milk

4oz plain flour

1 egg

pinch salt.



Decent flat bottomed pan required. Those flimsy ones don't cut the mustard!


Thats the quanitites (sp?) I follow but I find that that much doesnt go far so often double it



Thanks guys! :D:D:D


Dont think i will double it as there are only 2 of us!! :shock: Thanks anyway Bronze :D

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remember to let the batter rest for an hour once you have mixed it - pancakes hold together much better then.

My 5-yr old is very excited that we will have 'ENGLISH' pancakes tonight - with lemon juice & sugar of course.

A culturally diverse week this, for Natalie. Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras & Shrove Tusday - what a wonderful world. :D:D

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