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Stop in production.

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Hi, i am a new eglu owner and have had my 2 girls approximately 1 month. One of them started laying 2 weeks ago and i was pleased as punch to get an egg in such a short time. They were quite small, however ive read that it is fairly typical when they 1st start. Over the course of the next week, i got 2 more eggs and thought the production line was under way.


However, more than a week later...now, and no more eggs. is it normal to be intermittant in production ? I understand the concept of broodiness and moulting etc, but this does not seem to fit in with this scenario. The hen laid 3 eggs over 6 days, and no more for the last week !!!


The chickens themselves seem quite perky and in good spirts (as far as a novice like me can tell), but i have noticed that one of the girls droppings seem to be brown, not white tipped..well, you know what i mean. I will keep an eye over the next few days to see if the droppings stay this colour or not, however im interested to hear if anyone has experienced a simular situation or can advise me ?

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I am sure they will even out Wade, but do make sure you are not feeding too many treats: That definately stops them laying eggs! They need their layers' pellets/mash once they start laying, so only feed treats in the late afternoon, when you know they have filled up on pellets.

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