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Non stick baking tins.

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well one thing I would say is not to go for the sillicone ones - the sponges don't rise properly. I do have an excellent springform tin from ikea of all places, which is excellent and my tin of choice at the moment. I don't even have to grease and flour it like i usually would.

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I use some silicone moulds for cakes that are odd shapes, e.g. bundts, mini heart shapes, madeleines etc.

I find the non-stick or anodised aluminium fine for normal, larger cakes in circles or loaves, as long as they are lined.


However, the OP was talking of roasts?


I use the normal enameled ones, stainless steel, and mermaid. The Mermaid ones were *very* expensive, and although good, I don't think were worth the extra premium. They supposedly don't warp, but mine have :-( They are all not too bad to clean. I especially like the stainless steel one, which is large and and has a built in rack.


I'd second the rec for TK Maxx. I have a US sized non-stick cookie tray (which only just fits in my oven, so check sizes) and is great, if you hunt through their stuff. I've also bought some decent stuff from House of Fraser.

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Is the whole ProCook chain in receivership ? Our local Norwich store has shutdown..

They closed all their shops last year when the management & shareholders took over, so they could cut overheads with the focus on internet & factory outlet sales. Shame, but understandable.

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I agree - they are the best I have ever used,& I am certainly going to add to my collection of them soon 8)

I think I got mine in the large local Tesco actually,not John Lewis.....


Another bonus is that they are well designed to be as easy as anything to lift out of the oven,with great handle areas.


More info HERE

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