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Jenny Smedley

How often should I worm & dust ?

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Hello Jenny, I see that you live not too far from us :D


How much you do either is up to personal choice and whether you can be bothered. I worm my chooks quarterly, or when I remember, the product that I use also kills off any lice or bugs.


Each time I clean out the eglu, I press Diatom on the ends of the roosting bars and sprinkle Barrier red mite powder into the nest. The latter mainly because I love the smell!


The main thing is to get into the habit of checking your chooks for lice, that way when they do get them, you'll spot the blighters quickly - rather like headlice :roll:

Red mite don't live on the hens - they live in crevices and only come out at night to feed on the chooks, so you might see them on the ends of the roosting bars.


I hope that this helps. How about meeting some of us at Ryton this summer (date yet to be announced)? There's a sticky about it at the top of the Nesting Box.

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Hello Jenny


Worm every 3-4 months and dust the Eglu with Red Mite Powder every time you give the Eglu a clean. I put some in the nestbox too.


Some people just use the powder when they think they have a problem with mites, others use it as a preventative.


Some-one wiser and more experienced than me will answer soon I'm sure.


Oh...welcome to the forum. :D

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Welcome Jenny :lol:


I also am worming my two every 4 months. I use diatom on the roosting bars and a scattering over the insides of the eglu. When I clean the eglu (about once a month) I also finish off with a spray of poultry shield just in case there might be something lurking!


Red mite powder goes in the dust bath - make the chickens smell fabulous and they're much better at getting it between their feathers than I am :roll:

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Many thanks- if we get some decent weather I may have a go this weekend! :)


Do it on Saturday, Sunday is a complete wash out.


I've never used red mite powder either. I do put Diatom on the ends of the roosting bars after i've cleaned them whilst they are still wet...it sticks on more easily then. I also sprinkle some in the nesting box.

I worm every four months as well.

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