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Cleaning / Washing Eggs

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Can anyone please help me with this question, for some reason at the moment the eggs are coming out really dirty and they seem to be all pooing in the nesting box!!, hence really really dirty eggs,

Now i was told you shouldnt wash the eggs as the bacteria or something like that can get into the eggs, but how would you get them clean?,


Any ideas?,




PS. we are now back in our house after the fire, and the girls all seem to be none the worse for our departure.

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So pleased you are back at home! :D:D:D

Really pleased your girls are ok!


I bet it feels great doesnt it??


As for the dirty eggs - i dont usually wipe mine but i think others wipe them with a piece of damp kitchen paper etc :D


Not really sure about the bacteris thing :? Im sure someone who does know will be along soon! :D

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I wipe them with damp paper too.


If they are really dirty I wash them very quickly in warm water and give them a bit of a rub. Apparently warm water is advised as cold water causes a protective membrane within the egg to shrink and allows bacteria to enter.


I dry them quickly and thoroughly too.


Never had any probs.


Glad to hear that you are back home.

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It is nice being back at home, though the first nite was a bit hairy to say the least, and i have woken up a few nites worrying, but i know it will pass, we only moved back in Monday, so its still early days yet, and its surprising that we had been out of the house for 5 weeks, . but as i said before, the girls seem ok, though i really do need to get out and give them a through clean out, they have had just the basic clean out up till now, hopefully by the weekend we will be all back up and running good.

The last of my puppies go tomorrow which will also make life a bit easier, as i wont have to worry about them either, so we are getting there.


Thanks for listening xx

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I don't usually bother to clean the eggs if I'm using them myself but those I give away and more recently sell I do wipe with a damp cloth, usually cold water so thanks for the info re warm water and bacteria, was not aware of that. At the moment the eggs aren't usually pooey (only if they have laid before I get to the nest box to sort out) just dirty from their little feet due to this wet weather. Is is possible to get a mat and train them to wipe their feet before they get in the nest box to lay - now that would be good? :wink:

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Yes, thanks for the info about using warm water. I've been using cold only because I ever so vaguely thought I remembered seeing somewhere that warm water might start to 'cook' the eggs slightly. Obviously off beam.


I also remember seeing that eggs shouldn't be washed at all as the protective membrane over the shell is immediately damaged and bacteria can enter. But I do often wash ours. They are nearly always laid outdoors in their nest and not so much pooey as muddy, sometimes very.

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I don't wash them if I am selling them on! I swear that I read it was illegal to wash eggs and then sell them if you haven't got some sort of a license! :?


My customers say that they look more authentic with pooh on them! :shock::lol:


I've just sent one box off with my Mum for her to deliver on the way to Stratford! :D

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