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Reading your various posts, I'm glad to know it's not just me who was feeling broody lately.


The family (well mainly me and Middle Child) have been agonising for weeks about expanding our 'flock' and posting various (probably nonsensical) post on what we should get.


So, yesterday, we went to the Domestic Fowl Trust 'just for an afternoon out and a bit of research'.


Yeah, who was I kidding (certainly not my husband who had a bet with my son that we'd go home with a cardboard box)!


We now have Nutmeg, a gorgeous Burford Brown, with huge brown eyes, and Rue, an elegant White Star! So far, no major fallings out with existing ladies.


Middle Child is still holding out for bantams, so we're looking at ways to sacrifice even more of our garden in the not too distant future. (I don't like gardening much anyway!)


Off to drool over new girls again. Will post photos when I've sorted out how to.

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Congratulations on your new arrivals :D


Am a bit :mrgreen: as we too will be adding another pair but I am trying to be really strong and wait till school summer hols so that I can supervise.


Mind you it is nearly Easter ... do you think 2 weeks would be long enough?

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Two weeks sounds long enough to me!


The new girls have got through day one ok - a bit of squawking and chasing. They've been in their extended run for most of the day, the three old girls at the door end, busting to get out, the other two hovering around the eglu. Rue seems the boldest of the two.


Caught hubby having a cuddle with Nutmeg - she's so friendly! He's suddenly decided he wants to help out more with the chickens - could be because his boss, has recently got eglu+2 (no eggs yet, hee hee). He asked if he could take some eggs in on Thursday when boss up from London.


Can't wait for the eggs to come rolling in - with one child a veggie, and the other two non-chicken eaters, we get through loads.

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I just went out to check they'd put themselves to bed, and to see how they'd arranged themselves in the eglu. I was a bit worried that we were pushing the limits a bit, 5 in one eglu. :lol:


Bless them! They were all huddled together in a feathery pile! Room for at least another 5 in there (no, naughty girl!)


Will sort out photos soon. I've got as far as getting some into Photobucket, but today was so miserable that I didn't get to take any photos of new girls. Nutmeg, (the Burford) looks pretty similar to Lavender (Black Rock we think) in the wet. She has these puppy dark brown eyes though.....


It's nice to get such a favourable response here - tomorrow it will be "two more chickens? Are you mad?" I'm dreading telling my Mum! :roll:

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Just an update on my fab new girls.


'Meg is utterly gorgeous and everybody's favourite chicken (except the other chickens who are mean to her). She laid her first egg with us the day after we arrived. Great! Except.... Burford Browns are supposed to lay dark brown eggs aren't they? (I even sneakily checked in Waitrose) Unfortunately, it appears that "Ooops, word censored!"ody had told Meg that. I've had a few words... :oops:


Our POL White Star Rue laid her first egg on Monday. It was a work of art, petite and white, just like her. I spent all day going back to the box for another look. The egg now has four companions, each slightly larger and each pure white.


With the better weather today, I let them out of their bark pen and onto the lawn. They were so excited, and what a beautiful sight, five fluffy upended bottoms!


Chickens are such a joy !:D

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