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West Side article

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Just been browsing through the Westside magazine which comes free through our door monthly. There is a 4 page article on gardens and 2 pages of photographs of chickens and Eglu....Mandy and Adrian Nesbitt with their hens Henny and Penny and their lovely garden....good article and good to see the Eglu getting a good press. Well Done you :lol::lol:

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I think Mrs.Nesbitt the goose keeper lives in Devon!


I think that's 3 Mrs.Nesbitt's then! :lol: Sorry, the name discussion has just made me giggle. :roll:


So, back to the Sheffield Nesbitt's. (This is sounding like P.G.Wodehouse)


We seem to have quite a few Egluowners in that area now, don't we? Perhaps there'll be a S.Yorkshire Omlet meet this summer?


That's great to see about the article. 8)


PS. I couldn't help finding out, the Mrs.Nesbitt from this forum & others is on N.York moors with her geese, and not the one in the article! :lol: Phew, I can go to bed now! :lol:

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