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Mrs Frugal

Top Films of all time!

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Come on folks......what are your top films?


Mine..in no particular order :oops:



How To Make An American Quilt

Lord of the Rings Trilogy


Sense and Sensibility

The Mission



Where Eagles Dare

Circle of Friends

Sleepy Hollow

Plunkett and MacLeane


Love Actually


Il Postino

Cinema Paradiso

Brief Encounter


How many more edits will I manage, I wonder :oops: !

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I just go brain-dead as soon as I see the question :oops::roll:


I'll come back to this because I can only think of

Gremlins and

10 Rillington Place


Oh! and...

Midnight Cowboy




Good Morning Vietnam

Mrs Doubtfire


I really only watch comedies - too much in my past to want to watch heavy stuff

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1. Pride & Prejudice (ok actually mini series but still counts!)

2. Emma

3. Bridget Jones

4. The Wedding Date

5. Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

6. A Knights Tale

7. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

8. Italian Job (new one I'm afraid)

9. Sense & Sensability

10. Mansfield Park


Yes, ok I know I'm sad!!! :D

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Here are mine:


Kind Hearts and Coronets

My Fair Lady

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Passport to Pimlico

It's a Wonderful Life

The Ladykillers (the original Alec Guinness version)

Jason and the Argonauts

The English Patient

The Day the Earth Stood Still

The Constant Gardner (this is out in October 2005 but I went to a preview 3 months ago and it's wonderful)

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Here's mine,

Generally when I get to sit down in the evening they need to either be funny or action ,otherwise I will just nod off!.


Little shop of horrors . musical [i love the dentist]


The mummy

Pirates of the caribbean.

Strictly Ballroom.

Shaun of the Dead.

The road to El Dorado [childrens annimation]

. :D:D

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Dan! How can you leave out American Werewolf In London :shock::shock::shock: !!! It's bad enough that I'd forgotten one of my all time favourites without you admitting to leave it off your list! Sacrilege!!!


Yes, OK, I'd forgotten Star Wars too (with two Star Wars obsessed boys in the house, don't know how I managed that!)


Yes, yes, and Blues Brothers - John Belushi was tremendous in that!


I can't watch Halloween though. I had nightmares for weeks after watching the video as a teenager :oops: !


I forgot Truly Madly Deeply as well. Anything with Alan Rickman in will do though - so I'll have to put Die Hard and the rest of the series on my ever growing list too!

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Here's mine:


- Alien (saga - even the Alien V Predator)

- Pitch Black (and new Chronicles)

- Shaun of the Dead

- Both the 'Mummy' and the 'Return of the Mummy'

- War of the World's (with Tom Cruise - am I the only one?)

- Pirates of the Caribbean

- Star Trek (First Contact - and most others)


I could go on and on....


... So I will:

- Starship Troopers

- Soldier

- ID4

- Lost in Space (again, am I the ony one?)

- Dune

- True Lies

- Strictly Ballroom

- Billy Elliot

- The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy


I'll leave it there for now. Should get on with some work.

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Oooer, think I'll have to do a Kate & come back & edit this as I remember films because I've just gone blank.

To start with though;


Top Gun sorry, but I find Tom cruise irresistible in that, and the music & the flying scenes. Hubby & I went to see it at the cinema very early in our relationship. He's since bought it on DVD. Ahhh :roll:


Life is Beautiful Italian subtitled film, think it won an Oscar several years ago. Oh boy, did I cry through that one. An Italian jew & his son in a Nazi Concentration camp, and Dad trying to convince the boy that it was all a complicated game and the horrors weren't really happening at all. Incredibly powerful.


A Beautiful Mind Russell Crowe in a film based on the real life of a schizophrenic mathematician. Again, had me in tears


The Colour Purple Oh dear, another tearjerker.


I'm off to think of a cheerful, funny film now :)

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In no particular order


Edward Scissorhands

Billy Elliot (my mother was in the Royal Ballet and she kept on saying "but that's not right, that wouldnt happen, !! ah bless her :twisted: )

The Italian Job (the original - I only told you to blow the bl**dy doors off!)

Its a wonderful life

The Truth about cats and Dogs

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Uncle Buck

The Lady Killers

About a boy

Four Weddings and A Funeral

Love Acutally

Baby Boon

all the Star Wars

all the Matrix

Flight of the Navigator

No Batteries Required

Sixth Sense

The Others

No, its no good, I have too many - really depends on my mood and the company!

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here are mine

pirates of the carribean

bridget jones - both of them

seven brides for seven brothers

italian job - original

top gun

shrek - 1 and 2

meet the fockers

meet the parents

harry potter - all of them

can't think of any more at the mo. probably be watching them this week with my broken finger stopping me going to work, heehee.

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