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An Inconvenient Truth

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Has anyone watched this film?


I have just finished watching it and it is absolutely brilliant. :D


Al Gore is such a nice guy who wants to make a difference and i cant help thinking that the world would be a very different place today if he had been president of the US.


If you have not yet seen it make the effort its very well presented and well worth a watch! :D




Quick Edit!


Just to add that this is an informative film about the environment and global warming and what we as 'little people' can do about it and what they, the politicians are generally ignoring.

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Can I reply to this without being negative but at the same time sounding negative?


I'm one of those people who believes in global warming BUT I belive mankind has very little to do with it. Having become very annoyed by the press and certain TV programmes ramming home all the time about how we are ruining the planet and we are all going to drown from the water from the polar ice caps I thought I would try to find out the facts.


The main problem being that there are not that many solid facts out there. There is plenty of data that has been collected but depending who you are it seems possible to use the data to either prove that mankind is responsible for the warming of the planet or on the other hand it is just the world going about it's usual business.


In the 70's the world scientists were worried that the world might be about to go into a mini ICE age but I think you will agree that it didn't.


Even Carbon emissions is a bit in dispute. Yes there are more carbon gases in the atmosphere but some very respected scientists believe that the temperature is not going up because because of the carbon but the carbon is going up because the temperature.


I'm not trying to upset anyone or cause trouble, I'm just pointing out that we shouldn't listen to the press and believe everything they tell us!





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You've taken the words out of my mouth Reg.


I think it is right that we should all take responsibility for our actions and reduce our carbon footprint etc. (and I wish politicians in particular would practise what they preach :evil: )......... but I also agree that the data is used to prop up opposing theories at times.

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Me too Louise, I saw the film - one of my favourites, but like Reg, I listen to all the arguments and draw my own conclusions. Politicians will only tell you what they want you to hear.



Very true and i wasnt trying to say there was just one argument so sorry if it come across that way :? I found the film to be very interesting and just wanted to say that it was a good watch and well presented.


Some scientists are employed by companies who pay for them to research a project to prove or disprove a theory to their benefit and we must all keep this in mind when summing up our own thoughts and views. It happens the same in medicine too, Seroxat is an example of scientists being paid to present only certain findings to the benefit of the drugs company despite the effects it can have on the patients.

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I hope I didn't come across as being rude.

I may have come across as an anti green type. I like most peeps on here do try my best to recycle, compost etc. but I do get annoyed by politicians and the press only presenting one side of the argument and conveniently missing out important facts.


A good film as an example is 'Loose change' which is about a conspiracy that the USA planned the 9/11 attacks. It really warps the truth and ignores great big juicy facts just to put it's point across.


Reg :D

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