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Builders.......day 2..................arghhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Builders :evil::evil::evil::evil:


Why do they have to make passing comments like...............


.................that's not much worktop :!::!::!:


...................is there enough clearance below the wall cupboards to the gas cooker top :?::?::?:


WELL IF THEY HADN'T IGNORED ME FOR THE LAST 4 MONTHS then we could have discussed the plans more fully.


YES there is enough worktop..................just measured it again :roll::roll: and I DO KNOW that you have to have cupboard clearance above a gas hob.............not sure exactly how much but MFI did measure it all and didn't say there was a problem :?:?:?


Which leads me to yet another lenghty phone call with MFI today...............where are my missing kitchen parts :?::?::?: Should have been here by now.


Builders have also found the foundation for the old house that stood on this corner years ago.........................lots of *!!** then they went off to hire the biggest of pneumatic drills that I've ever seen :shock::shock:


CHOCOLATE NEEDED NOW :wall::wall: :wall:



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Oh no! my heart goes out to you, we have builders at the mo and have moved out and left them to it :shock:


Which means our bank account is leaking cash left right and centre, but the architect put in a clause that if they don't finish on time then they pay our rent, although I hope it doesn't come to that :?


Hope you manage to get sorted :D


I'll pop some chocolate in the post for you,( if I don't eat it first :oops: )


karen x

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Best of luck with your builders Pam


We have been there too :cry:


Believe me it does end.


Get to the supermarket and buy copious amounts of chocs and wine, they do help :wink:

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My builder was here from Sept to Jan. Outside work mostly, but even though he is very good and a nice chap, I felt invaded all the time. The vibrations from his drill made my fillings rattle and his singing along to the radio was horrendous. I shall take the recollection of his rendition of Wonderwall to my grave.


Good luck. it will soon pass.

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but even though he is very good and a nice chap, I felt invaded all the time.


Exactly...............I chose this builder because he has done work for me before (only small projects) and he's polite, tidy and reliable but he arrives very early and stays till quite late as he doesn't mind working long days :D


My house has been in chaos for weeks before he arrived as I had to find a way to pack up and store 2/3rds of the downstairs into 1/3rd and still have space to live and make a temporary Kitchen. Ollie and Charlie can't store anything in their rooms as they need to be able to use their rooms for doing homework and having mates round etc... My bedroom has to be kept fairly clear as it's directly above the Kitchen and the floor may have to be lifted to fit the new ceiling lights.


It will all be worth it in the end because it will look fab. I've even chosen some of the fittings with the chooks in mind............a lovely designer kitchen tap with a shower head thingy on it ......easier for washing girls frilly knickers :wink::wink: ..... a tile effect laminate floor...........easy to wipe clean :roll::roll: THere are going to be lovely gates and fence at the front of the house and a strip of land at the side of the house which is currently front garden is going to become back garden :D:D:D Now what could I fit in that space :?::?::?:


Our House Bunny is not happy as she has had to become a temporary hutch bunny :(:(:( The chooks can't freerange as much as gates and doors are left open so they'll be able to escape :(:( But they're getting lots of love and treats to make up for it :D:D:D


Just keep telling myself I've waited 11 years for all this work to be done. By the time the Summer Hols start it will all be lovely again :D:D:D

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Oh Pam, it all sounds great. Keep that in mnd when you are tearing your hair out. Definately worth the 11 year wait. Just imagine how much you and the children are going to appreciate it.


We've just had our extension plans passed and we've decided to wait a couple of years as I just couldn't cope with the mess at the minute. Saying that though, we're in a constant state of DIY in our house. Nothing ever seems to get finished........nag nag nag! Stuff everywhere :roll:


Like my MIL said at Jimmy's. At least you've not got anybody else to ask about filing up your new garden space. It's all yours to put in it whatever you so wish :D

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Well I'm sure that everything will be fine in the end Pam. For now go stuff your face full of chocolate and go on a long walk away from the chaos!


A brilliant idea Liz :D:D:D


Going to go for a walk down to the beach...................love just sitting on the beach watching the world go by :D:D

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