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no self control!!!

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yes they are Martin, buff coronation sussex.


the farm they came from, bred them, but said they have too much white on them to be bred from, or used as show birds ( a genetic throwback?) so they werent sold with the others. I dont know anything about the ins and outs of pure-breed breeding and showing, but I'm glad about that as it meant they could come to live with us! :lol::lol:

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Congratulations...lovely girls and a super picture. How did you come by such unusual names?


lol, my first hens had old fashioned names- Betty, Ruby, Dolly, Babs, Marigold, Blanche


then we had the rescue hens... Freda (because we did!) Libby (short for liberty) and Peggy (P- Eggy!) We took in Mavis and Mabel. two other rescue hens already named but fitting in nicely with my old fashioned names.


The next hens we homed were named after trees ( a passion of mine) So Rowan Hazel Holly and Willow


Finally, these new girls.... they are named after Pagan Goddesses!


Brigid (pronouned Breed) Irish gaelic goddess, Juno (Roman goddess) and Cerridwen, (welsh gaelic goddess). collectively these represent the Ancient Mother, protection and fertility (harvest), all I think very appropriate images for my little hens!



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