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I replaced one of the original plastic screws that hold eglu to run (one near the floor) with the metal disc behind with my own metal screw. I screwed it in too tightly and now can't remove it. :oops:

Any suggestions?

OH sprayed WD40 on it, my thinnish pliers won't work and screwdrivers and the pliers just s"Ooops, word censored!"e pieces of the metal. :oops:


It would be nice to be able to take the two apart top clean thoroughly, remove the "bits" :vom: that fall through the holes inside the eglu base and it would help adding aubiose/clearing out the run as I can't reach the middle and the run is currently set in the ground, albeit dirt.

:roll: Anyone more handy out there? :oops:


P.S. I have a set of new screws etc. now

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Not too bad sarah :lol:


I know someone who does taxidermy and I did think about getting it stuffed as it was completely undamaged the little monster kills moles and shrews and leaves them they must taste nasty :evil:


He is so sweet most of the time and turns into a savage murderer when he goes outside :roll:

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