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Well, we're taking the plunge...

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...and ordering the new purple cube tomorrow when Jan is in. Ian has committed to building a 6ft high enclosed galvanised mesh Chookietopia, so we don't need the run. We are probably keeping the mark 2 for a while as he's got it in his head that a couple of runner ducks will go very nicely in Chookietopia... :roll:


So, one purple cube, a new sandpit for the nippers (as the ducks will need some water...?) and ... about 2 months of swearing, banged thumbs, limping and finally giving up and having a man come in to do it, then.


Are runner ducks noisy?

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Oh b*m. Maybe I'll need to do some fast talking him out of it then, 'cos one neighbour has had about enough of what he terms 'livestock' round 'ere. (mind you, he's also the one who goes down the road cutting the bottoms of all the trees - we pay into a maintenance find each year for that, but he says they don't do it properly... :wall: )


So probably no (white duck)(duck) then... :(

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Sounds great Helen! There is a thread in the ducks section about Cayuga ducks - I'm sure it said that they were very quiet. Worth checking as they are beautys! 8)



Oooh! I'm off to have a look.


And Ubereglu STOP THAT!! I do NOT want or need ducklings... stop encouraging me. I'd rather have a couple of rabbits, its the old fella who wants the ducks (hmm, but little fluffy chicks... NONONO!!) :lol:

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