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Tearing Hair Out !

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:(:(:? Need some advice with regard to early morning chicken noises. As ours made sooooo much noise in the Eglu we started to leave the door open (especially as the weather is warmer now), so they could get themselves out into the run. This worked. For a while. Now they make an huge amount of noise (earlier and earlier in line with the light mornings) even though they can get into the run and have food and drink! We have to go down to let them out to free range and then try and grab some more sleep. It's having an effect on us (husband is getting really grumpy :( ) and we're just waiting for the neighbours to start complaining! I love my girlies and don't want (could'nt bear actually) to get rid of them but are at our wits ends. :cry: Please help !
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I will keep them in and block the light too, starting tonight - keep them crossed for me. :)


We haven't had any complaints from neighbours yet, just are very consious of the noise and the early hour! It's probably a bit like having babies and young children - you're always more aware of the noise they can make than anyone else seems to be.


Thank you both for your help.



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I am having this problem too. I left the eglu door open for the first time last night but that just made the noise louder this morning. I think I'm going to go back to closing the door, or put the shower curtain on the run and see if that makes a difference. It is a worry as i don't want complaints either. Any other advice would be gratefully appreciated.

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Hi Mady - you're definately not alone with the warking. Ours are a nightmare some mornings, and it's usually on the mornings when our 11 month old son decides to sleep past 6am and it's all lovely and quiet...until....... :roll:


When they really push their luck, we just let them out to free-range and it usually shuts them up.


The noise will be louder to you as you are concious of it. You could always go round to your neighbours and ask them about it. Might put your mind at rest a little.

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Our girls are noisy. When they free range they bawk bawk bawk like crazy to each other across the garden and they dont care about the neighbours either :shock:


Now the mornings are lighter, we have covered up the eglu with a dark coloured lightweight tarpaulin so that it hides the light a bit more and therefore they are not wanting to come out so early. We always shut the eglu door, and we dont intend to keep it open as otherwise our girls will be out at 5am creating a racket :shock:


On working weekdays they are let out into the run at 7am which is ok I think as most of our neighbours are up.


Saturdays and sundays we allow our neighbours a lie in and the girls are "released" 7.45-8.30 am into the run.

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Well. Tried shutting the Eglu door. Great, no noise (not that we could hear anyway) :D Then the girls started laying earlier and the eggs were getting squashed (deliberately or not, I don't know) :cry::? . Tried leaving the door open again - noise (but not as much this time - will this last) and intact eggs :)


Did speak to the neighbours and they weren't even aware they were making any noise early in the morning :P , and what noise they did hear they enjoyed hearing :D:D


They keep you on your toes don't they, the little minxes! :roll:

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When they really push their luck, we just let them out to free-range and it usually shuts them up......


....until the next morning when they demand to be let out even earlier!


My advice would be the opposite, to train them that they are never let out before...whatever before work time, or whatever suits you is...


I actually kept them in the run for longer, instead of letting them out.


I know they are just excited to tell me when it's a lovely bright morning, or they are going to lay an egg, or they have laid an egg, but, if it wakes us at 5.30 or 6, it must wake the neighbours too.


Last year, I did go back to not opening the Eglu until 6.45 for a little while when I was desperate, but I can't with the lack of space :oops: at the moment.


Yes, it was driving OH mad too. A couple of weeks ago I was dashing out to try & quieten them. A few times I tried water at them, but mostly just tried to be a quiet, calm and very boring presence, then later, at a civilised time let them out & be fun.

I don't have all the answers, and I'm dreading if they do it again, but they certainly start to expect things, so I won't reward their noise.

They've been good the last few days but then it's been duller. Also, I wonder if something was setting them off, a prowling cat or a bird maybe. Which makes another good case for keeping in the Eglu perhaps?

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