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living eggs

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I am very excited! I ordered the living eggs experience for my classroom today (thanks to the PTA!). I think I am going to enjoy it more than the children! I just know I'm going to be tempted to keep a couple as the lady said you can! :lol: They have to come home with me at the weekend so will hopefully win OH round then!

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Now hold on a moment here Guys. There are LOTS of companies offering this service now.


Kaz drew our attention to this practice. She says that the company who took them into her niece's (or nephew's) school were going to dispatch the chicks. I then asked her for details of this company, as I am sure most schools would not use them if they knew, but she could not supply me with details.


If indeed, this is what that company does, it certainly does not mean that EVERY company offering this service has the same ethics does it? Lets not tar them all with the same brush!


I have been on the Living Eggs website and it says this:


Can we keep the chicks?

Yes, you are welcome to keep the chicks. There are pages in the back of the manual outlining the raising and care required for chicks. Alternatively, we take the chicks back at the end of the program.


What happens to the chicks once we return them?

Chickens returned to us are generally used for free range egg production.


This of course does not tell us what happens to the boys.... and "generally" is a great "get out of jail" clause. It appears this is a franchise company, so it would presumably be up to the person who is running it in your area to make provision...


Jen, can I suggest you contact Living Eggs and FIND OUT what they do with the chicks? It would be good to solve this little mystery!

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Don't panis you lot! I asked when I ordered them. The girls and boys are sent to a local free range farm and she gave me thier address and it does exist, she did admit that the boys are destined for the cooking pot, but it could be worse! SHe uses an auto sexing breed so she can tell me there and then. She was very passionate about her hens! I guess I could always advertise them on here!!

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We've used the Living Eggs company at school for 2 years now and it's been a great experience for the children.


I was also worried about what happened to the chicks, so made sure I asked about their fate before we agreed to it.


There was an article about Living Eggs in the paper a few weeks ago complaining that there have been lots of chickens ending up at rescue homes.

The children had been taking the chicks home and then finding out that it's not all fun to look after them. The Living Eggs rep that we had was keen that none of our chicks went home with the children, so all of them went off to the farm.


Enjoy your hatching time! :)

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