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Alternative to spade and aching muscles

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That looks good!


The Hubby loves to tinker with stuff & has rigged up a sort of hand held petrol rotivator for me 8)

It has a little engine, a long handle & 3 metal prongs on the end, & works really well (if it is a bit loud :lol: )


I like my Garden Claw as well - it makes for much easier work 8)

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Thus far i have only had a quick go in the back garden to loosen up the soil ready for re-seeding the lawn (can you guess why i'd need to re-seed the lawn :roll: )


We have hard clay soil which had had no rain for three weeks and it just ate it up!


It took a few goes to learn how to control it and i'm going to have a better go at the allotment at the weekend, i'll let you know how it goes.


Its not cheap but they let you return it within a year if you don't like it. It does seem to be a high quality machine.

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We have really heavy clay soil and it took me 2 hours on Sunday to clear a patch less that 1m square. I haven't that sort of time to spare....but I do want to sort the garden out. I'd be glad of your opinion. From the video clip it looked as easy as hoovering...I particularly liked the lady gardening in a skirt. How elegant. I've sent for the DVD...hoping to con Him Indoors to pay for it....if not I'll buy it myself! :roll:

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Well it's arrived. It looked ever so funny, with the blade wrapped in cardboard with half a dozen stamps stuck on.


The postman said I feel like the bl**dy Grim Reaper stood standing here with this in my hand!


Anyway....popped out the back to have a go and its fab.


Cleared metre sq in 5 minutes flat to a depth of about 4". (Solid clay soil, overgrown).


Could feel the stomach muscles working!


I suspect it will have to be little and often until I have built up my strength.:roll::oops:


Am still pondering about a Mantis too.

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It was £26.00 and worth every penny. But I ordered a Mantis anyway (All your fault Helly Welly...If you hadn't mentioned them I wouldn't have looked at the website and been tempted! :roll::lol:.


The Azada will break up the surface clods and I'm hoping the Mantis will do the rest. At least I can get my money back if it doesn't work to my satisfaction.... :roll:

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I put the Mantis to good use yesterday at the allotment. Hard clay soil was reduced to a fine tilth very quickly. Today though, my arms are a bit sore. The Mantis does vibrate and bounce around a bit and at first i didn't go deep enough so i had to make a second pass. It really was very effective though, i think it will be easier with practice. One thing which was a bit irratating was that every now and then the Mantis would hit a stone and bounce to the extent that my thumb knuckle hit the on/off switch and turned it off. I would still reccommend the Mantis though, especially for people who want to rotovate without the rotovator!

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