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A Close Shave II

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Oh my giddy aunt I had a scare today!!!!


Was putting away the washing up when I heard a commotion from the chickens..I ran down the garden expecting to confront a fox, but no, the little madamns had decided to go on a little adventure next door, and their nasty dog was out in the garden. It chased after Maple and she lost a few feathers before hurtling into the next garden, the other three retreated to the back of the neighbours garden and I passed them over the hedge to my dad. Maple however, was nowhere to be seen.


The lady next door to next door wasn't in, so the neighbour's daughter climbed over the fence and saw Maple disappear into the next garden along! We both went along to that house, and thery weren't in, but had a passage up to the garden, I nipped up but there was no sign of the darn chook anywhere. So I went to the next house along to them, they were in and let us look in the garden, still no chicken. I headed home hoping she had found her way back, but no, ended up going to the houses behind ours, still no sign. Came home, about to open a can of cider, when there was a sighting next door, she had wondered back through, and we tempted her back through the hedge and back to safety. Whew. She's acting fine now, all chickeny, eating and pecking away, so hoping she hasn't been affected by shock. I'm off have that can of cider.


Roll on two weeks, then the fence will replace the hedge, foiling anymore escape attempts. I have been very lucky. :shock:

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:lol: Sorry - I know I shouldn't laugh! (but it did sound sort of amusing :?:oops: ) Still - it's nice that your getting to know the neighbours better :wink:


Seriously though - pleased she got home okay - what are they like, these pesky hens! :roll:

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