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especially for Cinnamon & anyone else interested

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Emma they are lovely - thank you for sharing them. You look like you had a wonderful ceremony!


I would still want a Christian wedding, but I love the idea of making special promises to each other as well as the pre-written ones! And I love the richness of the red and gold wedding dress - very beautiful! 8)

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Thanks everyone for your lovely words!


Yes Phil it was a Hindu ceremony & poor hubby had to say loads of words in Hindi. It was very amusing beccause the priest was quite strict & poor hubby had to get them spot on! Oh we ate Indian sweets which were yummy, threw rice at each other, gave each other flower garlands, put a red spot (bhindi) onto each other using ground pomegranate seed, said promises round a fire, prayed & offered gifts to Shiva, Ganesh & Laxmi. Hindu gods for good luck, wealth, happiness etc. Then Steve's scarf got tied to my sari!!!! :roll:

It was magical & I wanted something different. Somehow a white wedding would not have looked right in that setting - I think white wedding beach weddings are more for places like the Carribean & Maldives.


A truly unforgetable experience!


And now you all know what I look like! Arrrrrgggggh :oops:



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