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Am off to Leicester today to see No 1 son who is at De Montfort....about to do finals :shock: .


If I see anyone wearing Crocs can I safely assume that they are Omleteers as so many seem to live in the esteemed city.


Dare I dash up to them and greet them like long lost sisters/brothers and risk being carted away in a white van. :lol:


Please wear a carnation in your lapel and carry a newspaper under your left arm if you are going to be in the city centre today so that I can recognise you and avoid embarrassment....and of course....wear your Crocs! :lol:

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Well my OH and 3 sons will be in Leicester today, but my advice would be to avoid them like the plague - they're on form :roll: I've got a headache already. Never mind, I'm having a day off today - going to work in half an hour. :dance: Not in the city centre though. But if you happen to be passing the fire station in Wigston do pop in for a cup of tea!


Have a nice day! :D

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Didn't spot any Omleteers!


You'll never guess where we had lunch!! :lol: It was called Croques !!. Honestly....and very nice it was too.


Interesting incident on the train on the way down....frightfully posh family had pre-booked their seats but had forgotten their rail card. The guard explained that this meant that their ticket was invalid and that they would have to purchase another.


They transformed into shrieking morons, refusing to pay and resorting to personal and very patronising insults against the guard who acted very professionally and neither raised her voice nor lost her cool.


It was excruciatingly embarrassing and I was just across the aisle...just my luck. When they told her to P*** off she very rightly said that there was little point in continuing with the dialogue and that they had the option to pay or get off at the next station.


The bloke said that he would be doing neither. One of the little girls was hysterical, the other was ashen and completely silent. He accused the guard off upsetting his children and the woman demanded the guards name and went into the weary "I'm going to have your job for this" routine.


The train passed through Chesterfield and they didn't get off....and I thought...they are going to get away with this....damn.


Anyway...just before the next station the guard approached them again and very discretely informed them that they were required to leave the train at the next station. They went into overdrive again and made real fools of themselves. The guard told them that they could pay, leave with the minimum of fuss or the two policemen who had just boarded the train and were waiting for her signal would remove them and very possibly arrest them as they were committing an offence.


With much huffing and puffing they left the train, which was delayed by seven minutes.


They completely ruined a day out for two little girls, made an unpleasant scene, inconvenienced all the fellow passengers, gave the guard a difficult time....all because they didn't bother to organise themselves.


They knew there would be difficulty before the guard came because the bog standard announcement about advance tickets, rail cards etc was made twice before the train set off...and the woman said oh damn I've forgotten the rail card...aren't I silly, remember when we went to the panto and I forgot the tickets and the horrid man wouldn't let us in, and the time we went to the ballet and I forgot them then.


If she had a history of forgetting important things, why didn't her twerp of a husband double check things before they set off.


I felt sorry for the children who were frightened by the episode.


The guard asked me if I would be prepared to give a witness statement...because just as I was getting off I sympathised with her and told her that I thought she had handled the situation well and had been completely professional throughout ...so I said I would.


I wonder what will happen?


Sorry...this seems to hvve turned into a rant.

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Eglutine...I sometimes have my lunchhour from work (DeMontfort Uni!) in Croques. I didn't realise your son was studying there. Just down the road from croques is a lovely little cafe that sells juices and smoothies, I'd have directed you there had I known you were in town.


Sounds like the people on the train got thier just desserts. The sad thing, is that their children will probably grow up with a similar chip on ones shoulders!



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remember when we went to the panto and I forgot the tickets and the horrid man wouldn't let us in, and the time we went to the ballet and I forgot them then.

Good grief, I can imagine the performance for that too :shock::roll:

sounds like the panto was spot on :wink:

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Absolutely....was telling Him Indoors about it and as he correctly remarked. that if 4 teenagers wearing hoodies had tried the same trick they would have been booted off unceremoniously and everyone would have applauded.


These folk were doing the its not a crime for us to fare dodge because we are white and middle class routine.


They were not prepared to accept that there are clear and explicit terms and conditions attached to having a family rail card, and that you sign to abide by them when you buy one.


If the matter goes to court they won't have a leg to stand on.


They got no support from the onlookers who were just open mouthed with astonishment at their behaviour.


Twits. It was very entertaining though.


On the other hand what sort of parents would put their children through that ......they should have paid and continued on their way, learnt from the experience (!) and not disappoint 2 little girls.

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