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Chicken Meditation. . .

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Just an updated pic of Rosemary & Clarisse hanging out on the patio.


I have taken advantage of my early mornings (because of the chickens) to start running 2 miles a day. . .I then make a cup of tea and watch chickens for a bit before getting ready for work. There is something magical in an early morning when no one else is up but you & the chickens.


The dogs get along so well with the girls that I leave them out a lot. Originally they were just out of the 'lu in the mornings and at night when I was home. . .now they get much more time out of the 'lu. I don't have to be there every second.


I look out and see them sitting on a patio chair. . .and wonder how I ever lived without these unique, hysterical and very cool animals in my life.


It won't happen again. I do hope my two girls have a long and healthy life and I am doing my best to assure that!!


By the way. . .at what age can I start to expect eggs? I know it will probably be a bit. . but just curious.

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I have just looked at your link to the pictures of your girls and they are lovely... what breed are they please?



I got them at a "feedstore". . .and the employees weren't much help. . .I'm thinking they are "sex-link" pullets (red & black sex link). . .but I could be wrong.


(My only option in america was to have adult birds shipped that would have been "de-beaked", not an option for me.)


I went for a breed that I knew would be female so as not to cause problems with the neighbors rather than a more exotic breed.


A couple of the neighbors stopped by today to check out the girls. . .they had seen the Eglu in the yard and wondered what the heck it was. . .they were suprised to find two beautiful, social birds. They expected flighty crazy animals. . .when they found chickens.



NOT my girls!!!

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Really great pics John - they are lovely looking hens :P


Glad the Tornado missed you.There are some shocking pictures in the papers here today of a town called Greensburg in Kansas which has been totally destroyed.Glad you & yours are all OK.I guess it must be part of life there in that part of the USA? :?

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