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jaffa cakes

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i was asked to do a survey today, well a taste test actually on jaffa cakes.


(did they pick the right person or what?! :D:D:D:D:D:D )


well anyway it seems that there will be competition to the great mcvities jaffa cake. :shock::shock:


"whom" i hear you cry.


well it seems cadbury's are trying their luck.


verdict...................well i dont think mcvities have anything to worry about.


just thought i'd let you all know. :D:D:D:D:D:D

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8) You know what sort of title to put to get me reading a new topic! Yum!

I know a magic trick...buy jaffa cakes at 3 packs for price of 2...put them in the cupboard....and in the morning, all three have vanished....amazing. :wink:


that happens here to! there was me thinking we had our own little bermuda triangle! :D

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Might have a go at 4 of the mini lunchbox size. Although not right now, too early in the morning.


:shock: Its NEVER too early for a jaffa cake! If only they did them without the milk in. As it is, my waistline is safe because DD1 can't have cows milk & it wouldn't be fair to her to have them around.

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I'm surprised they haven't had competition before now - they have a similar cake/biscuit in France in lots of different flavours - I like the cherry ones (but I only buy them in France, wouldn't buy French stuff here!)



Ohh I know the ones - they have cherry jam and white chocolate and are called Pims (Pimms?) They are SCRUMMY and you can get them here if you ever need a fix!

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A girl I work with is related to the chap who started the website "A nice cup of tea and a biscuit" (or something like that) - basically you can post your views on various biscuits and there is a big debate on whether jaffa cakes are cakes or biscuits........ Basically - WHO CARES???? Scrummy Yummy Jaffa Cakes (why dont I ever get asked to do taste tests............)


Oh, I've just found the site:



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