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Monstrous Crow.

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We have an enormous crow who visits our garden regularly.


We have all just stood and watched with fascinated horror as it it murdered and devoured a mouse.


It walked around with the mouse's intestines hanging out of its mouth for a good 5 minutes, then wiped its beak on the grass and then gobbled the rest up.




Pity it wasn't a rat.


Has rather put me off getting meal ready. :shock::lol:

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Urgh!! how horrible...I know wwe have a Sparrow hawk that vcomes occasionaly to the garden and it is one evil looking bird..

I saw it take a sparrow of the bird table once and it was so quick !!!

Thankfully it flew away with the poor thing in it's claws and didn't eat it in front of me. Nature can be so cruel sometimes.

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Don't mention crows to me - or Martin!


We are very short of duck eggs because the silly duck lays outside the Eglu - and the monstrous crows come and eat them :evil: The abntams also lay outside.......... :roll:


The crows are also learning how to get inside the Eglu and steal eggs :evil: They just keep hopping about until the hens get fed up with chasing them off :?

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