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Laura & CTB

George Michael - help me!!

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My best friend has just informed me that she has paid for us to spend a weekend in London along with tickets to see George Michael at Wembley!


I can only think of one GM song :oops::oops:


Can someone recommend a CD so I can "sing-along-a-George" when I get there?????


P.S. Finish this sentence.......You know you have a best friend when........ :roll:

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Perhaps you could download some music off the internet......there must be somewhere that has the favourite GM music of all time.......


OR :idea: buy a really old album of his (from a bargain basement) and if anyone questions why you only know those songs just reply " Oh, I only really liked him in his "x" phase"


OR just open and close your mouth and pretend to sing along - it's bound to be so noisy no one will notice and if your friend is a mega fan she's going to be staring at him not you :D:wink:


[i might think of a useful suggestion eventually :oops: ]

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His latest album is 25 and it has everything on it. I saw him in last December at the NEC & he was "Amazing" (that is onr of his songs). My hubby only knew a few songs, biut enjoed the show, the stage was a huge dancefloor. Rumor has it that Andrew Ridgley is his special guest. Have a fantastic time!!

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Oh wow, you lucky thing! I've never seen him live, but he is supposed to be excellent on stage. He is a brilliant songwriter and I'm sure you'll find most of them familiar. Some others: Jesus to a child; I knew you were waiting for me; Faith; Father Figure; Don't let the sun go down on me; Somebody to love ....... I could go on! Have a brilliant time! :mrgreen:


Edited to add: sorry, forgot the original question! If you can get hold of Ladies and Gentlemen - it's a double CD, that has most of his hits on. :D

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