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Soon to have new additions to the redfrock household

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Went to the pet place today to get some more chook supplies and came home with a hutch :oops:. It was in the sale and they knocked a bit more off for me. I would have loved a guinlu but really not an option at the moment. I think I have done ok though. The roof lifts up and has a locking hinge, the bottom is plastic lined and slides out (like the poop tray in the eglu) so no problems with the wood getting soiled. I had a choice of 2 and went for this one because of the sliding tray. The other one was quite a bit longer but narrower, but had a standard wooden base. Hubby is going to build me a run and if it is anything like the chook run it will be first class.


Hadn't intended to get any more pets but I kept guineas from a child right through uni (I used to travel them home in a cat carrier on the train :lol: ) and have really missed not having any. I have been saying to hubby for a good 3 years or so about getting more and he has never been too keen but hey-ho. Too late now.


I would like to get a proper guinlu at some point in the future, along with that second eglu that I want so badly.


At least the guins will be able to share the chooks supply of aubiose - I have been so impressed with this with the chooks that I am hoping to be as impressed with it in the GP hutch.


I've been in touch with the local rescue centre and hope to be able to house a couple of girls needing a new home.


I think in future I had best only go out with a chaperone, particularly on the day after pay day :roll:

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Hi sarah Jo - have PM'd you.


Haven't got the new guins just yet. You know you will all be the first to know! I can't wait!


I used to breed rabbits and guins when I was little, oh and bottled fed the goats, looked after the chooks, the tortoises....ohmigod I am either reverting to childhood or turning into my parents!



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quick update - RSPCA been in touch today. Had a good chat with them and have ended up with 5 - yes thats FIVE! - baby brothers (GPs that is) coming to live with me on Saturday. They are 8 weeks old, desperately need housing and they wanted them housed together. So I have gone from going to have 2 girls to ending up with 5 boys. Andy has agreed to build an extension to the cage, although RSPCA has said because they are currently so tiny they will be ok in the one cage for a few weeks.


Claire x

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they're here!






and I couldn't bear to leave this baby behind so she came home too




Four of the boys are 8 weeks old and the other one is 6 weeks old. I am just sorting out their names. The 6 week old one has been with the brothers since he was weaned so they should be able to live happily ever after.


Bibble, the rabbit, (she already had her name) is 14 months old. She was at the rescue centre because she had been abused by the previous owners children. Because of this she was unable to be re-homed to a family with children as she gets aggressive with them. There are not many adults without children who want a rabbit, and I couldn't leave her behind knowing it might be a long time until she found a good home, so she came home too. She is truly adorable and we have spent a lots of time having cuddles tday and getting to know each other. I was lucky that I already had a huge indoor cage for the boys for the winter so she is in there for the next few days ntil Andy has built her hutch. She is a big girl and so her new hutch is going to be 6ft x 2ft x 2.5ft tall. Plus the runs of course.


I would like to thank the Medway RSPCA small animal rescue centre for giving me 6 wonderful new pets. Amanda there was great - we spent ages gossiping and looking around the other animals. I wish I could have helped more of them. Some of them, like Bibble, had really traumatic stories :x, even my boys' have had a bad start in life. It upsets me to think that some people can be so ghastly :x:x:x


Still these will want for nothing :)


Edit to say - oops my photo posting has gone from one extreme to the other - normally they are tiny. These are HUGE!. Sorry. Not sure how to correct it ....

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They are all gorgeous! Well done for taking them on, mind you they would be hard to resist. I love baby guineas and your boys are real cuties. Bibble looks lovely, shame she had such a hard start, but great that you found her! More pictures! More pictures!! 8)

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They look gorgeous!! :):) Your hutch looks and sounds pretty much like the one we just bought about 6 weeks ago ( we sold our Mk1 eglu to a neighbour for her chicken). I find that the run that came with ours stops us pulling the tray out to clean but its so easy to clean anyway with a plastic bottom it takes hardly any time. I also took someones idea of using wood based cat litter as a bottom layer and it works really well-its super absorbent and doesnt smell and attracts very few flies. We only have two boys ( Cosmo and Timmy) but I just love the noises they make! Had 4 together at one point in the past before the fox came along.......... :cry::cry: . WEll done you on rehoming them and the rabbit is really cute as well - our girl is nearly 6 now but still lively and active!

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