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we have a nice cube - hope it doesn't melt!

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I'm glad you all have a gap in the top of your Cube!


At least my picture might be helpful to people putting their own cube together: mine was assembled by one of the four designers, and so you obviously needn't worry that it doesn't join tightly.


No rain has got into the Cube, so I can guarantee that it is waterproof.


It is a pleasure, isn't it? Especially emptying the droppings trays. Tabloid newspaper fits in so neatly, and no bending. All I want is a bigger entrance (for me) and I will be (almost) content.

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Hi ,

My cube also has a gap or gully , but I've noticed that there is also a hole at the end of each "gully" on both sides ,and on the right side, it's feeding rainwater into the right poo tray. There is wet paper every time it rains!


Also has any one had their new feeders & drinkers yet ?

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Yes, my poo trays (both of them) get wet when it rains. They don't fill up with water, but the paper gets soaked. At least it will aid composting!


I haven't heard anything about the feeders and drinkers yet. I am looking forward to mine very much, as crawling into the run to put up small containers is beginning to get tiresome. I hope that the exciting new feeder may encourage my hens to feed together, with none of them thinking it belongs solely to them.


I don't really like to nag Omlet, as I am sure they are working flat out to deliver the Cubes. And if no one who has received a Cube in the last few days has the new feeders and drinkers yet, it presumably means they are still not available.

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