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we have a nice cube - hope it doesn't melt!

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It's easy when you have all the pieces!!!


well at last after yesterday's fun here's take 2!






















Next doors cat Simba chipped in








I think this is where we will try it first, it doesn't quite dominate the garden so much there.



It took just over an hour to build, the run proved a bit fiddly it got a bit bent in transit. I may need to modify it with a 4lb universl adjuster.


If everything goes well with the location I will remove the inner slabs and bolt the run down to the patio.


I am going to have pint!


Couperwife is going Chook shopping tomorrow, I have to work :(


I'm going to have a pint now.


Horay at last!!



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just over an hour ? :shock::shock::shock:


WOW, you must be a DIY genius! By the looks of it that would take my hubby days - with lots of tantrums, throwing of drills/drill bits and huffing and puffing :roll::roll::lol::lol:


You definitely deserve a pint.....no hang on - have 4 !!


Great pics.....I like the one where your'e sat admiring your great work :clap:

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My electric screwdriver was a godsend.


I found the run the chewiest but I think it was because my patio isn't flat!


My cube looks like it has had some post production alterations to the doddle trays, It looks like the leading edge has been ground off! Maybe they didn't quite fit!



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Fantastic Kev!


Purple is beautiful.....that's the colour I'd got for.


I love the pic of the cat looking inquisitively up the ladder. An opportunity for a caption competition there!


Nice to see the old avatar in your signature! :roll::oops::oops: Sorry about the rubbish info I posted about that. :oops::oops: Well it was very late! :lol:


Good luck to Couperwoman on her chook shopping expedition tomorrow.


Can't wait for the pics!

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Hi Dilly,


There was no drilling required, like you say I used my drill in screwdriver mode it has a setting so that it will only tighten to a certain degree and not trash the screw head.


I got the impression that the Cube had been test assembled prior to dispatch.


One of the holes on the ladder had been widened a bit so it would go together.


So there shouldn't be any problems getting things to go together.


Having said that I had to bend the guide plates for the roof up a little to get it to slide properly.


All quite easy really, the clips that hold the run together take a bit of getting used to, there is a knack to closing them.


It would take a lot longer to put together with an ordinary screwdriver.



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Well done Couperman :D

When we put together our 2nd-hand Eglu it tool us over an hour with lots of huffing & puffing (& sore fingers from the run clips- I could not get the knack of them at all) OH is VERY patient at DIY things & flat packs, so we ended up ok, but if it had been my Dad it would have been a different story- flying screwdrivers & the like...


We live outside the Omlet put-it -together-for -you -delivery-area :( & have entered the Daily Mail win a Cube competition, with the 3 Mark II's as runner-up prizes, so if we win the Cube (v unlikely, but we live in hope- results announced tomorrow!!!) it may take us several DAYS to assemble, especially if 3yo "helps"!!! :D:D:D:D

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The electric screwdriver is a must...... wouldn't like to have to do it by hand.


I found on mine that the brackets that were supposed to be on the side walls to fix these to the base weren't but were loose in the box of parts. There is a bit of a gap round the back panel of the cube as the holes for these brackets seemed to be slightly in the wrong place (too near the edges of the base). But it all adds to the ventilation...


Helen in Hume, Scottish Borders

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I've got a gap between the left side of my Cube and the top part, and it seems to be getting bigger every day: it collects all the catkins that are falling from the tree next door. I asked Johannes about it when he had finished putting my cube together and he said there had to be some give. Pictures of other cubes I have seen don't seem to have this gap, but perhaps it manifests itself in different places.

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