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Jelly Belly

Are you a Jelly Belly addict?  

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  1. 1. Are you a Jelly Belly addict?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I can take them or leave them
    • Never heard of them

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Am I the only forum member that has a Jelly Belly bean addiction? I looked after a neighbour’s cat for a week while he was in Vegas and to say thank you, he brought me back some Jelly Belly beans :drool:


These had some flavours that I have never seen before like Dr Pepper, Root Beer and Cream Soda :drool: So much for the diet :roll:

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Are they the ones that come in the little plastic trays all sorted out?


They are delicious :drool:


I am not allowed jelly sweets as they last 5 seconds then I have no money, a headache, insomnia and a face full of spots the following day :roll:


Yes or all mixed up in bags :D


Youn are funny :lol: weeeeeeeeeeeeeee, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, heeeeeeeee :lol::wink:

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Sorry - I seem to have lowered the tone of this thread :oops:


Shona - the reindeer is a plastic toy which poops out a jelly bean when you press it down on its' feet - the Poolar Bear works along the same lines :lol:


The first one we had was given to Carl one Christmas evening - after vast quantities of wine had been consumed - as the only sober person in the room, I felt it was my duty to video it :wink:


We bought another one and they've now been taken over by the children in the family and Christmas wouldn't be the same without a big bag of Reindeer Poo (Jelly Belly Beans) :D

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah - it all becomes clear now! I have clearly led a much too sheltered life, as I've never heard of either of them before. :oops::oops::oops::oops:


Sounds like the ideal gift to give out after a few glasses of plonk on Christmas Day!! :lol:

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