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Getting Eglu tomorrow

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I'm so excited, finally found one. It was listed on Ebay last night and I emailed this morning with an offer - no longer listed as I'm picking it up tomorrow!!!!


I hope to go and get a coupla girls in the afternoon - Mum is suggesting we call them "nasty" and "pecky" as she still isn't convinced chickens aren't "nasty pecky things". DS is suggesting we call them poo poo and wee wee - cos he's nearly 5 and thinks thats funny!


I still havn't decided, I think I err towards old fashioned names like Doris, Joan etc as I see chickens in that light but I think Ill wait to get them before I name them


I don't think I'll sleep well tonight. :lol:

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I know she will be wrong, and we will definately be taking pictures!


Mum is also worried that she will worry about them. She worries about the cats a lot, so much so that when we all go on holiday together we are having to get in house sitters!


My son is really excited though, he loves those pictures on the home page of the Omlet site where the kid is with the chicken.

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you can have a eglu for penguins!!! it's called an Ice Cube!!!






You can get chucked off the forum for jokes like that..... :wink::wink::lol:


Looking forward to seeing the pictures of your new eglu!! :D

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Excellant news - welcome to the world of chickens!! :lol:

But if you can't have a penguin, you HAVE to have a Pingu!! (Not sure what you'd call the other one though! :? )


Actually one of DS's suggestions is that we call one of them Pengy.


Current names on the table are June and Phylis. That'll probably change in the next 10 mins though!


Will be taking pictures and posting later. Mum has already said this morning, where are we putting them, I said between the shed and the torquay palms and she then said "oh while they settle in perhaps we should put them down here" - she means by her conservatory! I won't put them quite that close though as that is the one part of a large garden I don't want covered in chicken poo - its where the climbing frame and swing is!

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