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All may not be lost.......................

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As some of you may know, we took Omlet up on their money back guarantee recently.

It was a tough decision.


Anyhow, we may have come up with a solution for the future.


Our garden is quite big, but awkward as it borders a stream on one side. It is long though, but we cannot put the chickens down at the bottom as the very end patch of land is owned by the local estate who do not want to sell.We are unable to bulid anything on it,permenant or not.

Also, we cannot put anything on one side of the garden as there is an emergency underground phone line,which supports the village sewage system, & need to be accessable. It is all in the deeds, so we are stuck.


However, my lovely neighbour has just told us that he may be selling up to go into sheltered accommodation as her recently lost his wife,& is finding it hard to cope on his own.

we have asked if he will consider selling us the bottom third of his garden, & it looks like he will agree!

This means that our plot will now be L shaped....& it gives us the ideal chicken keeping area!


So, give it a year or so to get things sorted out & fingers crossed I may be a shiney happy chicken keeper again :D


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