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I've put a tray of used multipurpose compost, mixed with a little Diatom, in the run for my girls. The tray is essentially the same shape and size as a drawer or tray in a primary classroom. I've seen very little actual 'bathing' although they seem to love it and take turns at sitting in it during the day. What do everyone's girls like for dustbaths? Does the tray sound OK? Maybe they need more room to 'bath'.


I've also noticed that while one is in the tray, another girls may be gently pecking at her. This does not look in anyway aggressive, and seems to be enjoyed by the girl being pecked - could this be some sort of communal preening? We don't seem to have had any kind of squabbles over establishing pecking order, and I really can't see this pecking as part of a pecking order battle, it is just too genteel. :lol:





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They don't seem to need much room at all to bathe in :


All four were in there today! Not much actual bathing today, as you said, just sitting in it. Wonder if it's because it's been so wet?

Also, I noticed mine pecking each others backs. No feathers pulled, it was almost a gentle nibble! :shock: No idea why, but no damage done, must just be a chickeny comfort thing! :D

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Mine have dug a dustbath under a tree outside their run, but can only use it if I'm home and able to supervise them in the garden.


I went to some trouble to fill a cat-litter tray with earth, sand and diatom. They ate all the earth (or at least removed it) and pooed in the litter tray!


I haven't tried again since - but I do want to get a shallow Tubtrug, maybe they'd like that better (purple, of course, to match their Eglu!) :wink:

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I did try several trays, washing up bowls etc. but in the end they chose their own plantpot. It WAS full of daffodils :roll: these have now been rehomed and I just keep adding a mixture of sand and compost to 'their' pot, plus liberal sprinklings of red mite powder and diatom. :D

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its definitely fine/natural for dustbathing and doesnt mean lice/mites.


Our 2 go up to dustbath in the afternoons....its like a routine for them -


morning - eat/drink

mid morning - maybe lay an egg

lunch - eat/drink

after lunch - eat some grass

afternoon - sun's out - lets go and dustbathe and make some funny noises

late afternoon - shake dustbath mud over decking

teatime - poo outside backdoor

early evening - treats from mummy

getting dark - off to bed for sweet dreams



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2 of ours have had dustbaths in the compost filled plant pot that we put in for them :D


I've never seen a chicken having a dustbath before :shock: , and ive seen it twice today :D


I wondered what was going on and the this very mucky white chicken came out looking very pleased with herself, so I assumed that it was normal :?

I thought the chicken was having a fit or something as she was trying to get her head underneath the compost :? but she came out fine


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