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I have a flock!!

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Does 6 chickens count as a flock? Will I get in trouble for keeping livestock?? :?


Who cares!! :D

Anyway, the gorgeous Beryl and Bertha came to live with us today. They are 2 years old - what big girls! :shock: Mine look tiny in comparison, they obviously still have a bit of growing to do! Beryl is a GNR with black tail feathers; Bertha (from now on known as Big Bertha) is an enormous PP. They are both gorgeous girls, very healthy and bright!


They stayed in their run this evening while my original 4 walked around their run, had a good go at ignoring them and tried to look completely disinterested, but failed.


Big Bertha



Beautiful Beryl



A Two Eglu House:



Along with the green eglu I also got 2 of the old peanut feeders - bit of a nightmare trying to keep water in! Think I need a 'proper' glug!


Am also trying to persuade the boys not to rechristen the girls Charlie and Lola. :roll: We'll wait and see on that one! 8)

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It's funny how when you go one over the four you suddenly have a flock, isn't it? I feel the same. They start to lose their individuality when they are together in a gang.


You can go up to 49 without being interfered with by DEFRA: they are only interested if you have 50 hens or more. So although everyone on this list says you can't have too many hens, I personally think 50 would be one too many....

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They are lovely girls Snowy.


My parents-in-law discovered that there was an old law that every household was entitled to keep 6 chickens, and that exceptions had to be written into the house deeds. (They had bad neighbours who let their hens wander about the village destroying other people's gardens)

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Thank you all! :D

I haven't plucked up courage to let them all out together yet. The new girls had a bit of time out this afternoon and Big Bertha promptly flew into my veg patch. So we had to clip her wing - she's enormous though, more like a turkey than a chicken :shock: But she has laid for us already - enormous speckly brown eggs. Beryl is still thinking about it - she thinks the nest box is for sleeping on. :roll:


And I finally got around to checking my house deeds - no exclusions for chickens thank goodness! :dance:

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