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Do I put anything on the roosting bars?

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Silly question to ask but I've just received my new eglu today, no hens just yet, and I thought about how to prepare it. People recommend Hemcore/aubiose in the droppings tray but what do I put on the roosting bars? Also do I have to wet the hemcore/aubiose before use?

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Hi Ajuff - one step closer to chickens now you have the eglu! 8)

You do not need anything on the roosting bars - chickens normally sleep perched on a branch or something so they happily perch on the bars all night (or they sleep in the nest box but that is a different story :roll: )


Also you do not need to wet the hemcore/aubiose for chickens. The poop falls between the bars (hopefully) and the hemcore absorbs the damp and smells. Also useful to put a handful or 2 into the nest box so that if they do poop in there, it can be lifted out easily leaving a clean area for eggs.


Have fun playing with your eglu!

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Hi Ajuff...


I agree with Snowy. The roosting bars are fine as they are. In the colder, winter months I do put a bit of bedding on the bars for them, but they tend to kick it about and still end up directly on the bars.


One of mine sleeps in the nesting box, which is full of straw. She likes her home comforts :wink::D

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